[NEWS] ‘Comeback D-6’ WINNER to Pre-Release ‘Hold’, Written and Composed by MINO

While WINNER’s pre-release single ‘Hold’ from their 3rd full album will be released in 6 days, YG has revealed that the song was written and composed by MINO.

On March 20 at 9 AM, YG Entertainment uploaded the credit poster for ‘Hold’ on their official blog, YG-Life.

According to the poster, the pre-release single ‘Hold’, which will be a signal flare for their third full album ‘Remember’, was written and composed by MINO. R.Tee also participated in the composing and arrangement of the song to raise musical completion.

MINO has been contributing to WINNER’s albums for a long time. He has previously credited as the lyricist and composer of the song ‘DON’T BE SHY’ from WINNER’s latest mini album ‘CROSS’. In addition, he participated in writing the lyrics for a total of 4 tracks from the same album including ‘DON’T BE SHY’.

In particular, MINO has raised a sensation in the K-Pop scene with his first-ever solo album ‘XX’, which he produced all tracks. The title song ‘Fiancé’ from the album swept no. 1 spots on all music charts as well as proving his matured musical capabilities.

R.Tee is a producer/DJ who is part of YG’s affiliated company, The Black Label. He co-produced multiple hits including BIGBANG’s ‘FXXK IT’, TAEYANG’s ‘Wake Me Up’, BLACKPINK’s ‘PLAYING WITH FIRE’, and ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU’.

As the upcoming song ‘Hold’ was composed by MINO and R.Tee, the artists who have created music in fresh and a variety of sounds, the fans are highly anticipating the release date of the song.

In addition to their collaboration, the people are also paying keen attention on how WINNER will express ‘Hold’, as the group has presented their bread musical spectrum which transcends genres.

The music video concept poster of ‘Hold’, which shows the four members of WINNER including YOON, JINU, HOONY, MINO and AKMU’s LEE SUHYUN appear as brothers and sisters, became a hot topic on multiple community websites and social media channels.

WINNER’s ‘Hold’ will be pre-released on the 26th. Their third full album ‘Remember’, composed of a total of 12 tracks, will be released on April 9.

The album, currently on pre-order, will be available through nationwide retailers online and offline including YG SELECT and Ktwon4u.

Source: YG-Life

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