[NEWS] WINNER Reveals a Fun Family Photo, Curiosities Up on the Concept of Their Upcoming Song

WINNER revealed a family photo with fun vibes, raising curiosities on the concept of their upcoming song.

On March 16 at 9 AM, YG Entertainment uploaded the ‘WINNER Family Photo’ through their official blog and social media account. While YOON was placed on the photo the day before, JINU was the second member to be revealed.

Both YOON and JINU wore white t-shirts and cuffed jeans on the poster. The two people wore ‘bowl cut’ wigs while smiling, which grabbed the viewers’ attention. Their cheerful retro makeup also made the viewers laugh.

After noticing the release date of their upcoming song to be March 26, WINNER successfully grabbed the fans’ attention with their unexpected concept. As the group has presented music spectrum which transcends genres, the people are highly looking forward to what kind of newness WINNER will present to fulfill their fan love.

WINNER has previously announced their comeback through the ‘COMING SOON’ poster. It is yet to be revealed whether it will be a single or a full-length album, but the members shared hints on their upcoming release by uploading short video clips on their individual Instagram accounts.

YOON hesitated to film JINU with his film camera in the video, while MINO did not leave even when YOON kept on pressing him. JINU continued to write an erase a text message, while HOONY performed pushups while counting the last number.

The members uploaded the video with hashtags ‘#DID I HESITATE’ and ‘DON’T HESITATE’, which raised the fans’ curiosities.

Meanwhile, WINNER released mini albums titled ‘WE’ and ‘CROSS’ last year. The group connected with their fans by successfully holding their Asia CROSS TOUR which began in Seoul and continued in a total of 8 cities.

Source: YG-Life

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