[NEWS] WINNER Confirmed to Make Comeback on March 26, Reveals Coming Soon Poster

Group WINNER noticed their upcoming new song to be released on March 26, officially announcing their comeback.

On March 12, YG Entertainment revealed WINNER’s ‘Coming Soon’ poster. The phrase ‘2020. 03. 26. 6pm’ written on the poster raised the fans’ expectations and curiosities.

A group photo of WINNER revealed along with the poster contained a sentimental vibe of the 4 members as if they were reminiscing about their past. WINNER’s concert tickets from the past, the polaroid photos of members, and past albums made the viewers curious about what these objects are indicating.

After releasing their third mini alum’ CROSS’ last year on October, WINNER successfully completed their Asia tour in 8 cities including Seoul, which proved their global popularity. The members’ hard work on preparing for their new album afterwards lead to their fast comeback, in approximately 5 months.

While establishing their unique sounds and musical capabilities ever since making debut, WINNER received love from global music fans with every song they’ve released including ‘REALLY REALLY’, ‘LOVE ME LOVE ME’, ‘EVERYDAY’, ‘MILLIONS’, and ‘AH YEAH’.

Each member’s musical growth and active solo releases also stood out. MINO, who is also prominent as a solo artist, released his first official album ‘XX’ which swept multiple charts and received love from music fans, while member JINU with a beautiful vocal tone made the public realize his unique emotions and charms by releasing ‘CALL ANYTIME’ last summer.

Meanwhile, WINNER’s upcoming album will be released on the 26th at 6 PM through various music platforms.

Source: YG-Life

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