Melon Radio – WINNER Wonderland Season 2, 2017

WINNER came back for Season 2 of their own radio show at Melon Radio: WINNER Wonderland in April 2017 as part of the FATE NUMBER FOR promotions.

These episodes are particularly touching and sentimental as these promotions were their first as a FOUR-member group. Episode 2 where the members give a message to each other was especially heartfelt – The WINNER members shared how hard each one of them worked to make it so far… they were laughing throug their tears as Seungyoon sang ‘Bravo my life‘ for them & Mino butchered ‘Eyes, Nose, Lips‘ in an attempt to lighten the mood after a heartfelt thank you to Seungyoon.

We also get a beautiful piano cover of ‘Fool‘.

Special thanks to ‘Fate for INNERCIRCLE’ Team for providing us with English Subs!

WINNER Wonderland S2 EP-1

Alt Link: MEGA | FateForInnercircleTeam

WINNER Wonderland S1 EP-2

Unfortunately the links to the full EP 2 have expired. Here are short clips from it.

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