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[NEWS] WINNER’s Online Concert Joined by an Audience of 960 Thousand, ‘A Legendary Record’

WINNER proved their global presence once again through their onlice concert joined by over 960 thousand viewers.

On February 14, WINNER completed the long journey of their Asia tour through their WINNER CROSS SPECIAL LIVE held on Naver V LIVE. An audience of 964,646 watched the live broadcast and shared 210 million hearts, uniting WINNER and the global fans as one.

WINNER decorated the first performance of their live concert through ‘OMG’, a song expressing the group’s gratitude and surprises towards the fans. They then continued by performing ‘DON’T BE SHY’, ‘MOVIE STAR’, ‘Different’, ‘HAVE A GOOD DAY’, ‘FOOL’, ‘WE WERE’, ‘AIR’, ‘SOSO’, and ‘MILLIONS’.

WINNER received song requests from the ‘CROSS’ tour setlist which the fans wanted to hear again and prepared to perform them. The members spent a meaningful time with Inner Circle(fan club) with their passionate songs and choreography which reminded the viewers of WINNER’s actual concert scene.

VCR clips played at the concerts were also revealed, grabbing the viewers’ attention with an actual concert-like composition. WINNER read the comments live to communicate with the fans, as well as revealing behind stories of their concerts held in many different cities.

Furthermore, WINNER revealed their cover of BLACKPINK’s ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU’, which they have presented during their ‘CROSS’ tour Bangkok concert. HOONY also made the fans react with his cover performance of ‘Tala’, originally performed by Sarah Geronimo, which previously heated up the concert scene in Manila.

WINNER connected with the fans for 2 hours while presenting a total of 10 performances and having a talk corner. The members shared their thoughts on completing their ‘CROSS TOUR’, their gratitude towards the fans, and news on their upcoming album.

WINNER stated, “It’s sad that we couldn’t have our final concert in Seoul, but meaningful to complete our tour while spending time with our global fans. We’re thankful that a lot of people watched and enjoyed our online concert”.

They also revealed their future plans by adding, “We will pre-release a single, then release the full album. It will be released twice. We are preparing hard to come up with good songs. Please look forward to our upcoming single and album”.

WINNER has previously been listed on the Top 12 Global Artist list at the ‘V HEARTBEAT – 2019 VLIVE AWARDS’. Through their live broadcast, WINNER proved their global popularity once again.

Starting with their concert held in Seoul last year on October, WINNER successfully completed their ‘CROSS’ tour, consisted of 11 concerts held in a total of 8 cities including Taipei, Jakarta, Macau, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, and Ho Chi Minh.

Source: YG-Life

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