Half-Moon Friends, 2016 – Master Post

Half-Moon Friends or Bandal Chingu is a reality program starring the YG boy group WINNER, and aired by JTBC from April 23, 2016 to July 16, 2016, for total of 12 Episodes.

In the show, the WINNER members run a day care centre and interact with 10 children of ages 4 to 7 years old. It is meant to showcase the friendship that can grow between two groups of lonely or half-moon people: idols who lead a lonely, difficult trainee life and children who often spend time alone due to busy parents.

Shot across 15 days, WINNER halted their promotional activities to film the show. It is a heart-warming show which sparkles with the innocence of young children and WINNER doing their best to connect with via magic shows, painting, cycling, dance performances and what not!

They even came up with adorable nick-names for the children to easily remember them by: Yoonie Teacher (Kang Seungyoon), Hat Teacher (Lee Seunghoon), Candy Teacher (Song Minho), Jyu-jyu Teacher (Kim Jinwoo) and Monster Teacher (Nam Taehyun) !

The show was also broadcast online via MiaoPai, a Chinese platform and raked up an average of 6 million views per episode!

The show has been fully subbed by Winner Galaxy Team, however their original links have all expired. It can be found on the usual streaming website. Please look at the tags for more info or photos.

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