[NEWS] WINNER Working on New Songs, YG, “Concert→Solo Album Being Prepared According to Plan”

Group WINNER is preparing for their 2020 activities while working on making new songs.

On January 30, YG Entertainment uploaded an official statement regarding WINNER’s activities through their official social media channel. WINNER released their album ‘CROSS’ last year on October and are meeting their fans through tour and solo activities.

Regrading WINNER’s activities in 2020, the agency revealed, “We inform you that WINNER’s new album and solo project preparations are being carried out smoothly, according to plan. While currently being on an Asia tour after releasing two albums last year, the members of WINNER are doing their best on recording for their new songs every day until dawn despite their busy schedule to allow their fans to listen to their new songs as soon as possible”.

The group will also hold encore concerts in Seoul on February 14th and on the 15th. YG stated that they will continue their extensive support towards the group and emphasized, “From their encore concert to be held on February 14th and on the 15th to WINNER’s upcoming projects and solo album release plans in 2020, YG’s extensive support will continue thoroughly, in orderly fashion. Our first priority is to respect and listen to the artists’ and fans’ desires, and we are doing our best to return the love and support we receive from fans by releasing the best works.”

Source: YG-Life

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