[NEWS] WINNER Ends Manila Concert in Success, Consoles Victims of Taal Volcano Eruption

Group WINNER completed their concert held in Manila, Philippines with their sincere performances.

On January 25, WINNER held the WINNER [CROSS] TOUR IN MANILA in ‘MALL OF ASIA ARENA’ located in Manila to connect with their fans.

WINNER visited Manila for their solo concert in approximately 2 years since they’ve held their ‘EVERYWHERE’ tour back in 2018. The fans greeted the group with cheers even during WINNER’s sound-check event. At WINNER preparing for their concert by singing ‘AIR’, ‘LOVE ME LOVE ME’, and ‘AH YEAH’, the fans greeted them by singing along to all songs with loud voices.

The cheers of Manila fans continued throughout the main concert. The fans yelled out the names of four members, YOON, HOONY, MINO, and JINU, during their individual performances which began at the middle of the concert. The fans reacted to their performances more passionately than ever.

Prior to performing ‘WIND’, YOON consoled the local residents who have suffered due to the recent eruption of Taal Volcano by stating “I hope you receive positive energy through our concert today. Please sing ‘WIND’ with your hopes. Let’s sing together for the Philippines”.

WINNER also prepared a special moment for the local audience. HOONY presented the choreography for ‘Tala’ by a local singer named Sarah Geronimo, as well as teaching the members how to dance at the spot. The fans cheered at WINNER’s each single move, while joyously connecting and communicating with the group.

From the opening to the final performance, WINNER put in their everything. When the concert was over, the audience repeatedly sang WINNER’s ‘HELLO’ while requesting for their encore performances.

WINNER came back on stage after a while and raised the mood of the scene instantaneously. The members appeared in hanbok to celebrate Korean New Year’s Day. They made a deep bow after sharing new year’s greetings by stating, “Happy New Year”.

The audience sang along as they are responding to the group while holding a placard which read, ‘Always with Yoon, Happy Birthday’. They also presented a touching moment with a slogan event which read, ‘All 4 members of WINNER! Please CROSS the ocean again and come to Inner Circle. We’ll always wait for you’.

To record this special moment, WINNER took a commemorative group photo with the audience who visited their concert, after Inner Circle’s slogan event. The members also expressed their gratitude towards their fans who have passed on endless love for the group.

MINO stated, “I’m thankful to be back in Manila. I hope Inner Circle will stay happy in 2020. Let’s meet again”. JINU added, “You are the main protagonists of this concert. I’ll miss the cheers”. HOONY stated, “I’ll never forget the memories I’ve had in Manila today”. YOON stated, “I’m happy and grateful to face 2020 with you through our new tour”.

Sandara Park, who has a special connection with the Philippines, visited WINNER’s waiting room prior to the concert opening. They enjoyed their cordial friendship as senior-juniors of YG Entertainment, while Sandara Park supported WINNER by watching their concert afterwards.

Beginning in Seoul, WINNER has met Inner Circle of Taipei, Jakarta, Macau, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, and Manila. The group will continue their Asia tour in Ho Chi Minh on February 1 and in Singapor on February 8. On February 14th and on the 15th, the group will hold their Seoul encore concert in Peace Hall, Kyung Hee University.

Source: YG-Life

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