[NEWS] WINNER Confirmed to Hold Encore Concert in Seoul, Last Full-Member Performance Before Serving Military Duty

WINNER confirmed to hold an encore concert in Seoul, as a response to the Korean fans’ endless support.

On January 22 at 11 AM, YG Entertainment uploaded the first poster for ‘WINNER [CROSS] TOUR ENCORE IN SEOUL’ through their official blog.

On February 14th and on the 15th, WINNER will hold concerts in Peace Hall, Kyung Her University and re-enact the touching blue waves.

The concert was directed with WINNER’s hopes that they would like to reunite with their Korean fans once again, while they are currently going through an Asia tour. It is highly likely that it will be WINNER’s last full-member performance prior to serving their military duties.

WINNER’s concerts are known to be passionate. WINNER’s musical spectrum which transcends genres in addition to the synergy effects when the members’ capabilities and character unite have been proven through previous concerts. WINNER has performed over 40 tracks when they began their Asia tour in KSPO DOME(Olympic Gymnastics Arena) last year on October. One can realize how much energy they’ve put in preparing for their concerts.

WINNER presented high-quality live performances by collaborating with a live band, and was praised for their abundant and vibrant sounds. As the group has achieved growth through their connection with the audience during their Asia tour, people are looking forward to the stage manners WINNER will present during their upcoming encore concert.

The tickets for ‘WINNER [CROSS] TOUR ENCORE IN SEOUL’ will open on February 3 at 8 PM. Tickets for their concert to be held on the 14th will be available through Interpark Ticket, while tickets for their concert on the 15th will be available through Auction Ticket.

Source: YG-Life

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