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[MAG] ‘We Broke Up’ cast have a dreamy wedding pictorial for 1st LOOK July 2015 Issue


Web drama, “We Broke Up”, is a story about youths who take steps forward despite their struggles. Their “today” is confusing but beautiful; hurtful but shining. In there, these four youths are honestly and tirelessly writing their own stories as they are going through those times.


Seungyoon’s Say

As a fan of webtoons, I was very proud and happy to play the main lead in “We Broke Up”. I was [intially] drawn by the many similarities between the main character and me. As it turned into a drama, he (the character) was adapted to suit me even more. Thanks to that, I was able to act a little easier. Before the drama was broadcasted, fans of the original webtoon put Won Young and my picture together for comparison and encouraged me, saying we “match well”, which gave me a lot of strength. In fact, I thought that the characteristics of having passion and determination in music, and facing realities difficulties while sticking into his own path were similar to me.


Because there were many relatable components to it, I portrayed a lot of myself while acting. I tried to incorporate the anxieties of young people, including myself, who have to fight the unstable present and stand against the fear of the future. [Such effort] made it more precious and meaningful work (drama). I was more attached to it especially since it was my first drama to play the lead role in, and I personally made the OST. It was very interesting for me to look at the scripts, write lyrics, and arrange the melody while incorporating my emotions and thoughts. It was enjoyable to be able to feel like I was part of the drama production. Of course, acting was not easy. Compared to “High Kick! Revenge of the Short Legged”, where it wasn’t very strange for me to play the character, “Kang Seungyoon”, I had to become a completely different person this time. I don’t know if I portrayed [him] well. Since you (the audience) will be the one to judge, I will just have to think this as an opportunity for me to show a bit more serious and mature image/figure of me. I was able to express a bit more varied emotions and deeper side of myself. I wish to continue acting if I have the chance in the future. Of course, my main profession is a singer, and I have a clear goal as a musician; however, I do want to dig into different fields. I think I am attracted to two of them even more, since they are so different from one another.


If I were to say that I had to outwardly express my emotion and energy on stage, when it comes to acting, I had to compress and elaborate my inner feelings (on set) for the drama. When I repeatedly perform on stage, I would feel the need to control my emotions and catch my breath; acting allows me to do that. I think there are people who may worry that I might take acting lightly as a singer; however, I think that can be changed, depending on how sincerely I work on it in the future. Either way, I will continue to present myself in front of the general public. I want to become a person who shares emotion through good music and affects them (the audience) positively. As time passes, this determination gets stronger. I should become a person who positively influences [others] with what I have now, from my position. I’ll try to achieve that starting now.

Source: 1st look Magazine
Translation: @YG_WINNER

150717 1st look editor lee yeon woo darayoon insta cap
150717 1st look editor lee yeon woo darayoon insta trans1

Source:Lee Yeon Woo’s Instagram

150723 dara wbu 1stlook insta
150723 hyoni wbu 1stlook insta

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