[NEWS] WINNER Successfully Completes Kuala Lumpur Concert, 170 Minutes of Touching Moments and Cheers by the Local Fans

WINNER continued the touching moments of their Asia tour by completing their concert held in Kuala Lumpur with heat.

On January 18(local time), WINNER successfully completed the WINNER [CROSS] TOUR in Kuala Lumpur held in Axiata Arena, Kuala Lumpur.

The local fans filled up the arena with blue lights for WINNER, who visited Kuala Lumpur in approximately 2 years since their EVERYWHERE Tour held back in 2018.

Prior to the concert, WINNER got on stage and connected with their fans through a sound-check event. When the group performed ‘AIR’, ‘LOVE ME LOVE ME’, and ‘AH YEAH’, the fans greeted the group by cheering and singing along.

As the actual concert began, WINNER filled in 170 minutes with endless performances, as always. The fans lost track of time for a while, watching WINNER’s glamorous and passionate performances. WINNER’s hit parade and new songs performed with a live band heated up the arena through its abundant and new sounds.

The fans’ hearts began to race even faster when WINNER performed a song in local language which meant ‘hello’, ‘I love you’, and ‘Happy new year’, using the live band’s freestyle performance as the instrumental. While performing MINO’s ‘TRIGGER POINT’ together, the members made the local fans cheer by gifting them a freestyle song in local language, using autotune features.

During WINNER’s encore performances, Inner Circle touched the members’ hearts by preparing a slogan event which read, ‘it began when our path crossed’. They also prepared a surprise birthday party for YOON, who’s birthday was on December 21. A cake was delivered to the stage and YOON shared his happy moment with his members and Inner Circle.

The members of WINNER took a memorable group photo with the fans of Kuala Lumpur, who have prepared a special event for WINNER, and stored their precious moment in memory which will last forever.

WINNER shared their sincere gratitude towards their fans who shared a piece of their precious memory.

MINO stated, “I’m grateful to be back in Kuala Lumpur. Thank you for being well” and added, “I hope Inner Circle will stay happy in 2020”. JINU stated, “Today was so fun. You are the main protagonists of this concert. Thank you”.

HOONY stated, “Thank you all for showing happy faces. I will never forget the memories I has in Kuala Lumpur and hope the same for all of you”. YOON waved his hands for the fans after stating, “I’m happy and grateful to face 2020 with you through our new tour. Happy new year”.

After successfully completing concerts held in Seoul, Taipei, Jakarta, Macau, and Bangkok, WINNER will continue their Asia tour in Manila on January 25, in Ho Chi Minh on February 1, and in Singapore on February 8.

Source: YG-Life

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