[CF] YG Family star in ‘Yogiyo House’, 2015

The food delivery app, Yogiyo teamed up with YG Entertainment Stars to create an epic 5-episode 30-seconds long commercial series: ‘Yogiyo House‘ in April 2015. The star-studded commercial had WINNER′s Kang Seungyoon, AKMU, Cha Seung Won, Yoo Inna, Lee Sung Kyung, and Choi Ji Woo.

The Plot: Cha Seung Won, the head of the Yogiyo House lays down the law that no food shall be delivered to the house, causing its residents to sneak in delivery food at all cost – thus ensuing a lot of comedy. Eventually even the head succumbs to the finger-lickingly delicious food, albiet encouraged by his crush on Choi Ji Woo, the Yogiyo app representative! A situational romantic comedy.

Seungyoon’s Character: The genius of the ‘Yogiyo House’, who knows all the Top 100 Delicious Restaurants on Yogiyo app, which are accurately fitted to customer data. This handsome flower boy also knows how to move people’s heart by appropriately using his intelligence.

Let’s jump right into the fun commercials ! Translations by the ever awesome @chrissy96_ are available for each episode. Don’t forget to check the tags for extra footage, info, photos and even wallpapers.

Teaser (cc subs)
EP 1: The Prohibited Home Delivery Service
EP 2: Nostalgic Jjampong Soup

EP 3: the Unexpected Accomplice

EP 4: The People who cannot be Forgiven
EP 5: The Temptation that cannot be Denied
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