Wild Boy – a collab between Yoon Jong Shin & pre-debut WINNER’s Yoon & Mino, 2014

On March 25, 2014, Yoon Jongshin released the music video for his single “Wild Boy” featuring pre-debut WINNER’s Kang Seungyoon and Song Minho. The single was part of his year-long monthly project titled “Monthly Project Yoon Jong Shin” for the month of March.

Wild Boy” is a dramatic track with lyrics showcasing the wild appeal of man in love, written and composed by Yoon Jongshin and arranged by TEAM 89’s Postino. The song’s rap was written by MINO.

During a radio broadcast, Yoon Jongshin shared (see subbed video here) :

“I saw Kang Seung Yoon for the first time on Superstar K. When he was preparing for his debut with YG, I wanted his voice so I asked YG if I can ‘borrow’ him. I also desired Song Min Ho’s rapping. CEO Yang Hyun Suk gladly let me borrow their talents. So I was able to collaborate with them easily.”

Indeed, Seungyoon’s deep voice and style fit the song perfectly while Mino impresses with the rap ! Check the tags for more info.


I can’t do it as much as you wish me to
I can’t handle you calmly
Oh seeing you endure so much
I clench my teeth and hold back

Sick and tired of my gentle gaze
My shy smile was only for the first time
Why did you only show up now
I clench my teeth and hold back

It brings both happiness and pain
Seeing you go crazy
Even if I want to quit
There’s no way out
Not now, not ever
Because of a poison like you

Wild Boy
Wild Love for you
One way I can love you
You’re worth being crazy for
A once in a lifetime feeling
Wild Love for you

You are mine
I’ll let everyone know
I won’t let anyone try to take you
Born to make me crazy
I’ll clench my teeth and protect you

All men restrain themselves
You Know
Pretending it isn’t addicting
You’re precious to me but I want to waste you

Nevermind, enough with the manners
I’m going crazy because of you
I want to hold back my explosion
Touch just for you I touch you more than my phone
Let me hug you
Come over here
That’s right
Don’t take your eyes off
Don’t chuck out the love I give you
From now on, I’m going to do what I want
Rougher than sandpaper
Between us

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