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[NEWS] 130726 Kang Seungyoon Star Column Part 2: “Still a YG Trainee”

Translated by JENI @onewomansubs; Source: Naver

[Kang Seungyoon] Part 2: “Still a YG Trainee”

It’s like resurrecting my rebellious days?

#Editor: YG’s new artist, Kang Seungyoon, released his first debut title song ‘WILD AND YOUNG’ on the 31st (of July). After receiving an all-kill with “It Rains” and gaining women’s hearts, this time you can look forward to his transformation into a stronger, more charismatic rocker. Seungyoon who has been training under YG after MNET’s ‘Superstar K2’ is finally meeting his fans with confidence by releasing 3 title tracks. Is that all? He will also be appearing in the real survival program ‘WIN’ that will decide the debut of the future YG boy group after 7 years. He will be standing in a forked road for two months while preparing his solo activities as this show will determine who will debut as the group, WINNER. Through a meeting with Star Column Part 2, Kang Seungyoon spoke his mind about continuing his trainee life. Kang Seungyoon whom you can look forward to more than yesterday, and more than today, please show your fighting spirit and support for him.

# ‘High Kick 3’  A story that makes you weep

It’s already time to part after just meeting with Star Column. Too bad ㅠ.ㅠ. Thank you to everyone who read the first part thoroughly. That is why I will work hard to write the second part too. ^^

After working hard and shedding sweat as a trainee, the stage that he’s come to know is ‘High Kick 3’. In any case, when you’re acting you have to move around a lot and you have to match your actions and expressions with the lines. It’s a lot for an actor who doesn’t dance so well to learn all this choreography every day.

While filming for half a year, although they live together, he hasn’t seen a lot of his trainee friends. The time the kids spent training, I would go home and just sleep, and when they were sleeping I would get up and go to work, it was that kind of repetitive life.

On the day of ‘High Kick’s last broadcast, he saw the staff all make an appearance. Except for when I had a hard time as a YG Trainee because of dance, I’ve never really cried ever. Even during the last broadcast, I wasn’t so sad and I watched the last episode calmly.

Krystal and I come out during the ending scene and we have a line that goes “For all the viewers who have been watching us, thank you.”  And right when I watched that scene, my tears just pored out. I never even thought I would cry and I ended up crying so hard, it was embarrassing.

The other seniors looked at me and said, “This is the first time I’m seeing you cry.” And the rest joked and said, “So you’ve been attached to us too.”  When it ended, director said, “You’ve worked hard” and he hugged me like that. After that it wasn’t tears, I was just sobbing a lot. A lot a lot. ㅎㅎ

# Going back to your trainee dorm, getting used to it once again

The company gave me a week to adjust to the dorm and trainee life once again. I’ve drifted from my roommates and the whole atmosphere was just very different so it was strange. Even so, I got used to it quickly. Because while I waited for my turn to film ‘High Kick’, I would always practice my singing alone when I had time.

I would practice playing the guitar in the waiting room, and I would play while Jongsuk-hyung was resting beside me ^^. Because it was something I haven’t done in a while, I suddenly wanted to do it so much. So even though they gave me a week, I only rested for 2-3 days and went straight to the practice room to dance and sing.

Before you got into ‘High Kick’, you were in a slump.  Thanks to ‘High Kick’, I got time to rest and go back to practicing.  When I went back to practicing, CEO complimented me on our April monthly evaluation ^^.  “How can Kang Seungyoon who hasn’t practiced for 6 months do better than you guys. Try harder.”  He gave me this kind of compliment.

When I was in my slump, I was able to get up once again because I was given an opportunity.  I really felt like I improved after monitoring my past training videos.  After my slump and ‘High Kick’, I felt like I was finally on a vertical road upwards.  What I felt then was an intense feeling that I was finally improving my skills.  That’s why I feel that the project, ‘High Kick’ is the biggest turning point for me.

# Never live in debt! That’s my motto

Honestly, it’s only been a year since I’ve entered YG after I finished filming High Kick.  All of the money I earned from advertisements, events, and broadcasts, I used it all to pay off my mom’s debts.  After that kind of life, I feel like I can finally see the floor beneath me.

Although my mom thinks it’s okay to loan sometimes, I really hate borrowing anything.  Actually there was still a bit of debt remaining during that time.  I really hate that feeling of stress and pressure.  Even now I don’t have a credit card, I only use a debit card.

I told my mom, “Don’t worry. I’ll work something out.”  Although I didn’t have a plan, I still took responsibility.  My mom was born in 1952 and she will be turning 62 this year, I really don’t want her to work anymore after working hard to raise me alone all these years.

Thankfully, even though I was still a trainee, because of ‘High Kick’ I was able to get some CFs.  Since YG automatically calculates the profits I get from the events, I had no problems.  Timing is really breathtaking, huh?  And on top of that, I received a great AD even for a rookie. ^^.

That drink advertisement was really another miracle for me. ^^  Because of that event, I was able to repay some of the remaining debts we had.  Although I haven’t fully paid for all our debt, I’m living to fulfill that total amount.  There’s no law that kills you, when you’re having a hard time there’s always that thankful hand reaching for you.

I think it was like that since I was young.  Even before I went out on ’Superstar K2’, my family’s circumstances was very bad.  I really had many hopes while doing ’Superstar K2’.  While I was having hard times, there’s always something good that comes out at you too.  I didn’t go to Super Star K on my own will either.

My classmate in high school said there’d be a lot of people while he waited to audition, so he asked me to come along with him.  So I went and took the audition with him to.  But then, my friend got disqualified and I ended up getting in.  In that difficult situation, it wasn’t my own will but I still resolved the problem.  I told my mom that it’d be a great opportunity and hope for us to rise from our situation.

Before that, my mother has always been working hard to put food on the table and had to balance all her debts. It was a situation where all her pay-cheque went to paying off the debt. Food is food and it doesn’t matter to me but my mother has always been very prideful in her cooking. But she never had the ingredients and materials to use it.

Our situation was very bad to the point that we sometimes wouldn’t have much to eat. And because of notices, the school expenses were expensive, my guitar lessons, and even paying for my instruments. My mom sold her most treasured jewelry to buy me my instruments. Going into an artistic field, its’ only given that we’ll spend some money.

That same situation just kept repeating over and over again. So I became very curious and started thinking about how to pay off the debt. To pay for those debts, we would keep borrowing and it just became this vicious cycle. At one point, our credit rating was so bad that it was hard for us to pay off anything anymore.

Getting into YG was another turnover for me.  Although I was a trainee, I got to participate in ‘High Kick’ and even get into advertisements so I felt at ease. Since the company would be in charge of calculating the profits, I was able to concentrate on my practice.

# In YG: a trainee, outside: a celebrity

After completing ‘High Kick’, my training period after that was the most difficult.  I promised everyone in an interview that, “I will see you all through my music.”  I became a bit impatient.

Although the company kept remarking about a debut, it never turned out to something. There were a lot of questions like, “When are you debuting?” and I would say, “I will soon.” But although I wanted to debut soon, I didn’t have a choice about when to come out. There’s also trainees who’s practiced for 10 years in YG. ^^ I would always be thankful for the position that I was in and I just felt a bit sorry, too.

Now I’ve been waiting according to my wishes. Honestly, it’s okay if not a lot of people are expecting it, I just want to show what I’ve practiced for.

I’m a YG Trainee right now and I will continue to be so in the future. I really feel like we’re obliged to follow in our Big Bang hyungs footsteps. I’ve written this column and now I’m off to practice again. Once my solo activities are done, I’ll meet you all again in a group. Now I’m off to practice with the friends that I’ve trained with in the company, Fighting!

Although I’ve debuted, I still don’t think that I’m an artist. I felt vague when I first came into YG. Even though I’m a trainee inside here, outside people think of me as a celebrity. After living like that for 3 years, I’ve gotten used to it. I’ll work hard in the future so please watch us well. And I’m really thankful for all of you who have shown your love for my songs.  I love you, everyone.


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