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[CF] Predebut Seungyoon covers Standing Egg for Teams Polham, 2011

Predebut Seungyoon covers Standing Egg’s “Have you ever been in Love” for Teams Polham

Predebut Kang Seungyoon was chosen to feature for ‘Teams Polham‘, a Korean clothing brand for the youth in 2011. This endorsement gave us some of the cutest, most adorable fetus Yoon content! The endorsement was for more than a year with the campaigns & fan signs having started in ~ Feb – April 2011 and the CF-cum-MV released in December 2011.

As part of the endorsement, Seungyoon released a lovely cover of famous indie band Standing Egg‘s Have you ever fallen in Love?. The M/V features Seungyoon playing the guitar, his hilarious cooking attempts and prepping for a party – all the while assisted by a moose in a football helmet! Super cute! Seungyoon even held a fansign as part of the promotions! ❤

Have you ever fallen in Love?
110429 Teams Polham Fan Sign

Click on the pictures below to view full pictures in gallery!

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