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[CF/MV] Predebut Seungyoon part of Fanta Idol Group, 2012

The beverage brand ‘Fanta‘ chose three fantastic idols to form their Fanta Idol Group : Lee Kwangsoo, Kang Seungyoon & Baek Jin Hee ! The Fanta Idol Group debuted on April 13, 2012 with the release of a music video! Cute & creative marketing!

Watch as student Kang Seungyoon day dreams instead of studying & then turns fiery rapper & rockstar when called out by the lecturer. Lee Kwangsoo steals the show with his 5 transformations in the M/V : professor, rapper, teacher, musician, and student.

Lots of fun making films which show much work went into this commercial. The brand even went on to have a fan meet and was featured on MNET Wide Entertainment News.

Do check out the tags for more info and official photos. Unfortunately no translations for these.

Fanta Idol Group M/V

TV CF – 1

TV CF – 2

Making Film

Seungyoon’s Interview

120728 Fan Meet

MNET Wide Entertainment News

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