110908 High Kick 3 Press Conference

On September 8th, the cast of MBC’s new daily sitcom, ’High Kick 3’, attended the show’s production conference at the Imperial Palace Hotel in Seoul.

Director Kim Byung Wook also took the time to apologize to viewers for the tragic ending of ‘High Kick 2’, saying,“To start, I apologize for the way the ‘High Kick’ series have been known to end. Season two had a lot of dramatic points, but we promise that this season will focus entirely on the comedic aspects of life.”

When reporters mentioned that this will be his first time directing a comedy specifically for youths, he said, “It’s honestly easy to make comedies for older audiences.  I felt like a copying machine after a while which is why I decided to switch things up.  I know that it will be hard to come up with a lot of episode ideas for a show that’s limited to teens, but I think that the characters themselves are fun enough to prevent too much repetition.”

f(x)’s Krystal, who gained acting experience through another sitcom last year, will be playing the role of a tough, but outgoing daughter who’s just come home after studying abroad. She stated, “I was added near the end of the sitcom last time, so I think I was a lot more comfortable acting in that one. Now, I’ll be in this sitcom right from the start, so I’m worried as to whether or not I’ll be able to pull it off.  I think I fit the role for ‘High Kick 3’ however, so if I just work hard, hopefully good results will come about.“

She also revealed her gratitude for the support of her fellow f(x) members by stating, “The members told me to work hard and promised that they’ll catch all of the live broadcasts.Victoria-unni even dropped by the film set to show her support.”

The press conference also heard from ‘Superstar K2’ contestant Kang Seungyoon, who spoke about the fans that were against him going into acting (especially since he’s training to become a singer under YG Entertainment). Kang Seungyoon said, “I play the role of an illogical and four-dimensional high school student. He uses a Kyungsang-do dialect and is absolutely loyal to those he feels close with. I received this audition offer while training to become a singer, and joined the program half in doubt. Once my casting was confirmed, I received a lot of criticisms asking why I’m starting with acting when I said I’d be a singer.”

He continued, “I don’t really feel anything towards people who say that, though.  It’s a great opportunity for me so I’m going to work hard.  I’ll be continuing my singing lessons while acting and I promise to come back with a better image as a singer soon.

 ‘High Kick 3’ will be taking the baton from ’All My Love’, and is one of the most highly-anticipated sitcoms of 2011. 

Source : seoul ntn | English translations : allkpop

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