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[CF/SHOW] Kang Seungyoon for Samsung Galaxy Tab, 2010

Kang Seungyoon, along with the other Top 4 contestants of Superstar K2: Huh Gak, John Park, Jang Jaein, was chosen to promote Samsung Galaxy Tab in 2010 – 2011. They released promotional singles, held showcases and even short variety episodes. Don’t miss out on checking out the showcase video & pictures at the end – Seungyoon with gorgeous RED-highlights in his hair! ūüėČ

Galaxy Tab Taxi Episode (ENG SUB)

As part of the promotions, they released short episodes of Galaxy Tab Taxi with short cute conversations. Kang Suengyoon & Jang Jaein from Superstar K2 are picked up by the taxi on their way to a schedule and we get to see some fun siblings-like banter between the two. Now with English Subs!

Translated by WLSYsubs Team

Translator: 1004SYNA
Subbers: Subbers: thyzarine8, jaybee238, gelli17

Life is Tab (Promotional M/V’s)

Samsung Galaxy Tab released five CF music videos with the Superstar K2 Top 4 contestants: four individual MVs for each of the finalists (with cameos from others), along with a full CF MV with all CFs combined together. The four of them sang four different genres: Kang Seung Yoon a dance version, Huh Gak sang a rock version, John Park an R&B version, and Jang Jae In a Jazz version.

Life is Tab: Kang Seungyoon’s Dance Ver
Life is Tab: Superstar K2 Combo Ver
Life is Tab: John Park’s R&B Ver
Life is Tab: Huh Gak’s Rock Ver
Life is Tab: Jang Jaein’s Jazz Ver
110107 Samsung ‘Life is Tab’ Showcase

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