Endorsements (CFs) Music Variety

[CF/SHOW] Kang Seungyoon for Samsung Galaxy Tab, 2010

Kang Seungyoon, along with the other Top 4 contestants of Superstar K2: Huh Gak, John Park, Jang Jaein, was chosen to promote Samsung Galaxy Tab in 2010 – 2011. They released promotional singles, held showcases and even short variety episodes.

Galaxy Tab Taxi Episode (ENG SUB)

As part of the promotions, they released short episodes of Galaxy Tab Taxi with short cute conversations. Kang Suengyoon & Jang Jaein from Superstar K2 are picked up by the taxi on their way to a schedule and we get to see some fun siblings-like banter between the two. Now with English Subs!

Translated by: WLSYsubs Team

Translator: 1004SYNA

Subbers: thyzarine8, jaybee238, gelli17

Life is Tab (Promotional M/V’s)

Samsung Galaxy Tab to release five CF music videos with the Superstar K2 Top 4 contestants: four individual MVs for each of the finalists, along with a full CF MV with all CFs combined together. The four of them sang four different genres: Kang Seung Yoon a dance version, Huh Gak sang a rock version, John Park an R&B version, and Jang Jae In a Jazz version.

Life is Tab: Superstar K2 Combo Ver
Life is Tab: Kang Seungyoon’s Dance Ver
Life is Tab: Huh Gak’s Rock Ver
Life is Tab: John Park’s R&B Ver
Life is Tab: Jang Jaein’s Jazz Ver
Seungyoon’s “Shoutout” Song

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