101021 KSY on M!Countdown Special Stage – Meets Bae Suzy, 2010

Fresh off Superstar K2 with his success of the Instinctively stage in Episode 12, Seungyoon had a special stage on M!Countdown along with Jang Jaein, his fellow SSK2 contestant. A mini-celebrity himself, watch how excited Yoon gets when he meets Bae Suzy backstage! He is totally fanboying ~!

“Suzy sunbaenim I Love You”

He confesses in the behind-the-scenes shown in We are Super stars that he didnt wash his hand the whole day because he shook hands with BAE SUZY sunbaenim !! Hahaha this cutie!

Check out all of Seungyoon’s SSK2 era M!Countdown stages here!

KSy talks about MCD in We are Superstars K2

0:58 – 1:58 is about MCD stage ; about Suzy from 1:41

Translations by KangSmileVN

Here’s his lovely duet performed with Jang Jaein on the day!

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