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101126 Kang Seungyoon at Superstar K2 TOP11 Incheon Concert

The Top 11 of Superstar K2 performed a concert for a large crowd on November 26, 2010 : MNET’s Superstar K2 Top 11 Incheon Concert. The concert was even broadcast on MNET TV Channel! Find the full list of SSK2 Concerts on this post.

We got so many performances from Seungyoon – solos, duets & group performances with various looks ranging from fox-yoon to school boy to 2NE1’s Fire cosplay! All the lovely photos are at the end – Don’t forget to click on the gallery pictures to view them in full size!

Duet with John Park


Top 11 Let’s Go

2NE1’s Fire

Duet & Top 11

Credit: Mnet & some unknown sources
Big thanks to Anggie (@Skaxogusnam)

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