Kang Seungyoon on ‘Superstar K2: Never Ending Story’, 2010

Superstar K2: Never Ending Story follows the life of the Top 11 contestants of the survival audition program Superstar K2. The contestants continue their broadcast activities while waiting to sign up with entertainment agencies – they learn how to manage fame, are requested for concerts, shows, get fashion upgrades, etc… quite literally the never ending story of the Superstars! 🙂

This show has not been subbed. But Superstar K2 is partially subbed and the companion show We are Superstat K2 is fully subbed !

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

Episode 6

Credit: Syna@WeloveSeungYoon | SYNA S ()

2 replies on “Kang Seungyoon on ‘Superstar K2: Never Ending Story’, 2010”

Hi! Unfortunately, we stopped subbing due to a lot of reasons. Winner subbing fansites also haven’t subbed this. If we find one or if we decide to sub it (which is kinda impossible atm), we’ll let everyone know and share it on the site. Thank you!

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