[SHOW] Kang Seungyoon started his journey on Superstar K2, 2010

Kang Seungyoon began his journey as a singer through the audition program Superstar K2, where he placed 4th and rose to country-wide fame with his hit performance of Yoon Jongshin’s Instinctively.

Superstar K2 is a 2010 South Korean singing competition show and the second season of the popular Superstar series of ‘survival shows’. The program auditions for raw talent from the public and eliminate contestants via competition to finally choose the Next Korean Super Star Singer chosen via a combination of judge scores & public voting. It was broadcast on MNET from July 23, 2010 to October 22, 2010, with Huh Gak winning the season and John Park as the runner up.

The show had over 350,000 applicants, of which 151 people were chosen for Super week selection. Kang Seungyoon was selected during the Busan regional auditions to be part of this select 151 group, and went on to successfully compete in the Super week to make it into the Top 11 contestants. The Top 11 performed to different themes each week on live shows open to public voting to whittle down the contestants via eliminations to the final winner.

Seungyoon competed successfully to make it to the Top 4 finalists of the show despite being considered a weak contestant and causing much heated discussion. He was finally eliminated on Episode 12 during the Top 3 selection round, but not before wowing the audience with his performance of Instinctively. This performance highlighted his growth and singing potential and received high praise from the judges.

The song was a run-away it and instantly rose to #1 ranking. The digitally version released on October 13, 2010 and won the October Cyworld Digital Award for Rookie of the month. It received over 2 million downloads to become Gaon’s Top 11 Digital Songs of 2010. Seungyoon won the prestigious 2010 Gaon Charts K-Pop Award for the ‘Best New Artist’, earning him the moniker ‘monster rookie‘.

Seungyoon went on to become a household name and was invited to numerous events and earned many brand endorsements (LG International Calling card, Samsung Galaxy Tab, CJ CM Group and Grand Chase gaming app) and magazine features (Vogue Girl, Elle Korea, Vogue Korea). Multiple Entertainment agencies scrambled to scout this young boy with amazing raw talent before Seungyoon finally decided to join YG Entertainment as a trainee in 2011.

Kang Seungyoon may not have won Superstar K2, but he won in every other sense! This show is a must-watch for any Yoon-biased fan as it chronicles his first foray into the path of a musician, how he overcomes many challenges with hardwork and a confident never-say-die attitude, without ever compromising on his ideals! Even back then as 16-yr old, he valued team work and prioritized it over individually standing out, even if it might have cost him the competition. A value we still see strongly ingrained in him in his role as WINNER’s leader now – something which we have come to admire immensely as it has helped shape WINNER’s survival & eventual success today!

This show is partially subbed: Ep 1-8 (regional auditions and Top 11 Super Week selection); Ep 9 (Top 8 selection round) and Ep 12 (his legendary Instinctively stage & elimination). See below for links. The raw cuts & highlights of all episodes can be found in the individual episode pages below.

Alternatively, you can watch We are Superstar K2, which is fully subbed and is the companion show or behind-the-scenes show of Superstar K2. Other related shows from this era are Beatles Code (subbed), Trend Reports (partially subbed) and Never Ending Story (raw).

ENG SUB: Episodes 1-8

Initial regional audition in Busan – Yoon impresses with his Jonathan Meyers cover of ‘This Time – made it to 151 contestant shortlist.

Superweek to decide on Top 11 contestants comprising of 3 missions: The Sing-Off, The Group Mission & The Rival Mission + an Additional Interview Round

ENG SUB: Episode 9-1

Vocal, Health & Visual Mission with reward of Shopping spree.

Top 8 Selection Round Mission: Remake Hits; Yoon performs Lee Seunggi’s 2004 noona anthem ‘You’re My Girl

ENG SUB: Episode 9-2

Judge comments & score; Selection into Top 8

ENG SUB: Episode 12

Top 3 Selection Round: Remake hits of Judge Panel

Yoon performs his legendary stage of Yoon Jongshin’s ‘Instinctively’. He is eliminated in this round but receives high praise for his performance.

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