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[YG-LIFE] 161212 KANG SEUNG YOON Betrayed SEUNGRI on Flower Crew

A war within YG family has begun. KANG SEUNGYOON and SEUNGRI, who have been on the “smooth path” all day, had a big fall-out at the end. Can SEUNGRI revenge KANG SEUNG YOON for betraying him?

On December 11 episode of Good Sunday-Flower Crew, Minah of Girl’s Day and Nara of Hello Venus were each divided into “smooth path” and “rocky path” teams. Minah was in the same team as KANG SEUNGYOON, YOO BYUNG JAE, and Ahn Jung-hwan and Nara was in the same team as Seo Jang-hoon and Jo Se-ho.


There was a surprise guest. SEUNGRI was whisked away upon his arrival from Japan. Luckily, he chose the “smooth path” card and headed for the luxury guest house. SEUNGRI picked Ahn Jung-hwan to be thrown out of the team, and he had to join the “rocky path” team.

Both teams went to Hongcheon, Kangwon-do for their trips, and they met at a ski resort. SEUNGRI, KANG SEUNGYOON, YOO BYUNG JAE, and Minah enjoyed snowboarding and skiing and Nara, Ahn Jung-hwan, Seo Jang-hoon, and Jo Se-ho also enjoyed the winter sports with impromptu devices. 

To decide where they are going to sleep, the cast played a mock version of “Take Care of My Refrigerator”. In teams of twos, the cast had to make a dish with ingredients bought in a convenient store in just four minutes. KANG SEUNGYOON and YOO BYUNG JAE pretended to be SEUNGRI and won the votes and became the new leaders of the “smooth path” team.


KANG SEUNGYOON and YOO BYUNG JAE chose SEUNGRI and Jo Se-ho as their new teammates. SEUNGRI secretly gave the silver transfer card to Nara, who was in sitting in the “rocky path” team’s car. He said, “I felt sorry for Nara because she was with the ‘rocky path’ team all day.”

The other transfer card was in the hands of Ahn Jung-hwan. The guest of the last episode left the card with him. Ahn Jung-hwan was cleaning cow poop with the rest of the “rocky path” team, and suddenly he said that he wanted YOO BYUNG JAE on the team. The rest of the “smooth path” members enjoyed the Bulgarian course dishes that star chef Michael made for them.

Before even finishing his steak, Jo Se-ho was called in to join the “rocky path” team. Nara used the transfer card that SEUNGRI gave to make Jo Se-ho come back. YOO BYUNG JAE and Jo Se-ho had to clean up the rest of cow poop and join the “rocky path” team at the team’s lodgings.  


However, there was a twist. KANG SEUNGYOON, who had been in the “smooth path” team all day, had the gold transfer card. He dropped a bomb saying, “There was someone that gave me tips about variety shows and made me realize something. I want to send SEUNGRI to the ‘rocky path’ team.”

He was sleeping at a luxurious guest house when he got the news. For the first time, he had to take the “rocky path”. SEUNGRI was betrayed by his labelmate and he shouted, “Family? What’s the point of all that?” KANG SEUNGYOON knelt down and said, “It’s just for fun.”

Source: YG-Life

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