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[YG-LIFE] 160711 WINNER made first appearance in Japanese “Dreams Come the Live”… Fascinating 35,000 fans

Group WINNER fascinated 35,000 Japanese fans by presenting fancy performance for their first appearance in “My Dreams Come THE LIVE” held in the country.

On the 10 this month, WINNER made their first appearance in “MBS presents My Dreams Come THE LIVE” concert held at the special stage of Osaka Banpaku Park, Japan. The event is a special summer program for which Japan’s famous group “Dreams Come True” performs with their favorite artists, performers, staff, and fans.

WINNER performed “SENTIMENTAL”, one of the double title tracks of their mini-album “EXIT:E” released in February this year, as the first song to perform on the stage, to heat up the atmosphere.

The song swept Korea’s music-streaming websites upon its release and took No.1 on the iTunes albums charts of 11 countries (Hong Kong, Indonesia, Macao, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Brunei, and Guatemala). Notably, the album proved WINNER’s popularity in and out of the country, recording 17th place on the chart of the United States.

WINNER performed songs of different genres including “BABY BABY” and “IMMATURE”, after the team’s leader KANG SEUNGYOON said, “Nice to meet you. Thank you for inviting us to this great event. Please enjoy yourself with us.”

Plus, WINNER performed not only their own hit songs but also “Dreams Come True”s mega-hit “うれしい!たのしい!大好き!” with perfectly disciplined group dance.

In the meantime, WINNER is to hold the final concert of their Japan tour “2016 WINNER EXIT TOUR IN JAPAN” from the 16 to 18 this month at Japan Hyogo-Kobe World Memorial Hall. WINNER will entertain total 36,000 fans in nine concerts of the tour to be held in four cities.

Source: YG-Life

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