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[YG-LIFE] 160710 WINNER Show Tears as “Half-moon Friends” Nears End

Good-byes are always sad.

The July 9’s episode of JTBC’s Half-moon Friends showed WINNER members making preparations to say goodbye.

They were making preparations for the graduation ceremony. They discussed how they are going to hold a graduation ceremony and the names of the awards that they are going to give to the children.

LEE SEUNGHOON went to the zoo with Yeo-jun, the thing that Yeo-jun always wanted to do. “I wanted to do a lot of things with him before saying goodbye”, commented LEE SEUNGHOON before heading off to have their little zoo date. At the zoo, LEE SEUNGHOON was extremely popular among animals.

WINNER members also took the children camping. They went to a swimming pool and held playful competitions, adding another happy memory for the children.

They even made dinner for the children. Lee Hae-jung, the renowned chef, taught them cooking, and WINNER members made curry for the children, which the children enjoyed very much. The members were so happy that children liked the food they had made for the children.

They also played games. They played a word game, and those who lose had to sleep outdoors. LEE SEUNGHOON played against NAM TAEHYUN, and LEE SEUNGHOON won. But to add fun, LEE SEUNGHOON told KANG SEUNGYOON to sleep outside.

Telling scary stories is the most fun part of camping. SONG MINHO told a couple of scary stories saying that they were true stories that really happened. The children gathered around him to listen to his stories and were captivated by them.

Lastly, video messages that were sent by the children to WINNER members were played. Seo-hyun said that the most fun thing they did was riding a bike and Ji-woo, going to the sauna.

The children thanked the members, and watching the messages, WINNER members showed tears.

KIM JINWOO said, “I hate saying goodbyes. I don’t know. We’ve spent so much time together. I hate that this is our last day together.”

Source: YG-Life

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