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[YG-LIFE] 160531 KANG SEUNGYOON and SONG MINHO are cast for “The Collaboration” jointly produced by Korea and China

WINNER’s member KANG SEUNG YOON and SONG MINHO will appear in “The Collaboration”, a project music competiton show jointly produced by YG Entertainment (“YG”) and Chinese Internet company Tencent Video.

At a investment agreement ceremony for YG, Tencent, and Weying held on May 31 at Grand Hyatt Hotel located in Yongsan-gu, Seoul, YG announced that KANG SEUNG YOON and SONG MINHO will appear in “The Collaboration” show.

Four Korean artists and four Chinese artists will appear in “The Collaboration”. The show’s MCs are Zhang Yuan who is also famous in Korea and Wu Xin who also appears in “Happy Camp” show.

Among the Chinese artsits, the cating of actor-cum-singer Xue Zhiqian (Jacky Xue), Hu Xia, Wang Yue-xin, and Wu Chun has been confirmed. Xue Zhiqian gained popualrity by his acting in drama series “The Queen of SOP” (胜女的代价) in 2015. Hu Xia sang the theme song of “You Are the Apple of My Eye”. Wang Yue-xin acted the title role of drama series “Heirs from the Stars” (来自星星的继承者们). Wu Chun studied in the United States and is the vocalist of independent band Discovery.

“The Collaboration” is the first joint project of YG and Tencent Video. It is the first-ever large-scale music competition show jointly produced by Korea and China. In the show, top musicians of Korea and China will form teams to compete with each one’s music. The cast members will directly take part in the selection and production of songs for competition, to create a whole new format and genre of TV music show.

“The Collaboration” is joinlty produced by YG, Tencent Viceo, and SBS MideaNet. Shooting of the show will begin in June and the first episode will be boradcasted on SBS MediaNet and Tencent Video at the same time at the end of June.

Source: YG-Life

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