[NEWS] 160313 WINNER’s Speedy Success Story Proven by their First Solo Concert

160313 YGLIFE 2

[뉴스1스타=명희숙 기자] The first solo concert of WINNER was a testament to how much they have grown so far. They proved that they have public appeal, but at the same time, haven’t lost their unique quality as artists through their concert.

WINNER’s first solo concert took place on March 13 at the Seoul Olympic Gymnastics Arena under the title of “WINNER EXIT TOUR IN SEOUL”.

WINNER promised that they would do a year-long project. The project started with the release of a mini-album on February 1, and now they have held the first ever solo concert since their debut.

The concert kicked off with the “GO UP” performance. Leader KANG SEUNGYOON raised expectations for the concert by saying, “Finally, we are here to do our solo concert. We’re so happy to see you all again. We won’t let you down. We have a lot prepared for this concert.”

WINNER then put on diverse and powerful performances singing “LOVE IS A LIE”, “EMPTY”, and “SENTIMENTAL”. Afterwards, they sang a newly-arranged version of “TONIGHT”. Then, SONG MINHO and LEE SEUNGHOON performed “OKEY DOKEY” and “GOOD BOY”, sending the audience into near frenzy. Showing off his rock spirit, KANG SEUNGYOON sang “WILD & YOUNG” and KIM JINWOO performed G-DRAGON’s “CROOKED” for their solo performances.

The performances that followed showed off WINNER’s unique charm. WINNER performed PSY’s “NAPAL BAJI” oozing of merry charm. They also prepared a parody of a TV drama and ‘80s hit performances as a special present for their fans.

160313 YGLIFE 3

LEE HI appeared as a guest and performed “BREATHE” and “WORLD TOUR”. Afterwards, WINNER sang their hit songs such as “FEAR”, “PRICKED”, “COLORING”, “IMMATURE”, and “SMILE AGAIN”. 

The highlight of the concert was when WINNER revealed the title track of their new album “LA LA”. It was a dance song that boasted a fabulous combination of a fast beat and an exciting melody. Its catchy hook and witty lyrics also made the song special.

KANG SEUNGYOON said, “Thanks to you, we are holding a concert at the dream stage of all the singers in Korea. We are able to be singers thanks to your blessing. We’ll never forget this.” Referring to their hiatus, LEE SEUNGHOON confessed “I’ve been asked a lot about what I did during the break. It was hard for me, and I felt intimidated as I didn’t know when we’ll be able to make a comeback.”

KIM JINWOO said, “I was sad that I didn’t get to meet the fans often, but I would feel less lonely after today. We’ll work harder so watch out for us.” NAM TAEHYUN said, “I don’t think I need to say much to describe how I feel. We’ll become a group that continuously makes good and sincere songs.” SONG MINHO said, “I’m really happy. It was hard, both physically and mentally, when we were preparing for the concert. My energy level got low, but I think you filled me up with so much energy here at the concert. Thank you.”

Although it was their first solo concert, WINNER was a pro in interacting with the audience. They not only performed well-known hit songs but also put on a variety of solo and unit performances, proving that they have grown into seasoned artists.

Source: YG-Life

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