[NEWS] 160312 WINNER to Reveal New Title Track at Concert

160203 YGLIFE 1

[OSEN=정유진 기자] WINNER is to reveal the title track of their new album during their concert at Seoul Olympic Gymnastics Stadium on March 12-13. As for WINNER’s new album, nothing has been decided yet, not even when the album will be released.

What’s more surprising is that the decision to reveal the title track was made in the morning of March 12, the very day when the concert is to be held. WINNER prepared this as a surprise present for the fans to make up for stopping their album promotions altogether to shoot jtbc’s new variety show “Half-moon Friends”.

According to professionals in the performance industry, making such a sudden decision is almost impossible unless the artist is confident about his/her ability to perform on stage as it entails a lot of complex procedures and difficulties. They pointed out that it is very rare to release a song that has not been rehearsed and has no choreography.

WINNER made this decision when they were having breakfast after rehearsing for the concert all night. They were wondering what would be the biggest present for the fans that came to their concert, and a WINNER member suggested putting on a surprise stage and revealing the title track of their new album would be a good idea and others agreed.

They texted YANG HYUN SUK right away and told him about their idea, and he approved.

An YG staff member told OSEN, “The title track that is to be revealed is such an exciting song that WINNER only has to sing the song cheerfully and fans will surely love it. Members are looking forward to sharing the song and having fun with their fans.”

WINNER debuted with the gentle hip-hop song “EMPTY”, which became an enormous hit, and then recently made a comeback with “SENTIMENTAL” and “BABY BABY”. They have indeed grown from a monster rookie to a top-class idol group.

Source: YG-Life


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