[NEWS] 160310 WINNER Stops their Album Promotions to Shoot a Variety Show for Five Full Weeks

160201 YGLIFE 4

[OSEN=최나영 기자] YG Entertainment revealed the reason why WINNER had to stop the promotions for their new album: they are to shoot a variety show.

On March 10, an YG staff member told OSEN that WINNER will stop the promotions for their new album for a while since the members will be shooting for a variety show for five full weeks. Earlier on, word got out that WINNER was going to stop their album promotions and fans were wondering why. The YG staff member explained, “This is not a sudden decision. We planned this project six months ago, and the shooting began yesterday (March 9).”

WINNER members are part of the regular cast of the variety show and they have to focus only on shooting the show for five weeks.

In most cases, when celebrities appear on a show, the shooting takes only a day or two days at the longest even if they are regular cast members.

That’s why it is so unusual that WINNER is shooting for five full weeks without doing any other schedules except for their solo concert. This only happens when shooting for a movie or a TV drama. It’s all the more impossible for a group that also does overseas promotions like WINNER.

Asked the fans to look out for the show, the YG representative said, “WINNER is not just appearing on a variety show. We can say that they are making the show along with the broadcasting company, so they have to be filmed for five full weeks. We cannot reveal which broadcasting company we are working with or what kind of a variety show we are making, but we have been making plans for this for a long time and it is WINNER’s first appearance on a variety show as regular cast members, so we’ll make sure everything gets done well.“

Meanwhile, WINNER will hold their first solo concert titled “’WINNER EXIT TOUR IN SEOUL” at the Seoul Olympic Gymnastics Stadium on March 12-13. They will also hold concerts in Daegu on April 2 and in Busan on April 23.

Source: YG-Life


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