[NEWS] 160307 “With China’s most famous MCs… WINNER’s photo shot at the shooting for China’s “Happy Camp” show

160307 YGLIFE 1

[TV리포트=박설이 기자] WINNER members took an eye-catching photo with the MCs of Chinese TV show “Happy Camp”.

On March 6, He Jiong, one of China’s most-famous MCs, posted a photo of WINNER and MCs of “Happy Camp” together on his social media account. He wrote a message that goes “We were a natural-born team and we needed no discussions. Happy WINNER!”

In the photo, five WINNER members and MCs of “Happy Camp” show are creating a happy atmosphere. The 10 of them in similar outfits like a one team are making big smiles, commemorating the time they spent together in “Happy Camp”.

WINNER took part in the shooting for Chinese Hunan TV’s entertainment show “Happy Camp” that was carried out in Changsa, China. “Happy Camp” is a long-lived popular TV show in which many Korean stars have appeared. China’s most famous MCS including He Jiong, Du Hai Tao, and Xie Na are the hosts of the show.

Source: YG-Life

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