[NEWS] 160303 WINNER appears in China’s “Happy Camp”… Proving high popularity in the Chinese region

160303 YGLIFE 1

[스포츠조선=이유나 기자] WINNER will boast their appeals by appearing in “Happy Camp”, a famous long-lived entertainment show in China.

WINNER has recently confirmed their appearance in Hunan Satellite TV’s “Happy Camp”. They will depart to China to take part in the shooting of the show scheduled on March 6. The show in which WINNER appears will be broadcasted on the 19.

“Happy Camp” is a Chinese TV program that has been aired for 19 years since its first episode aired on July 11, 1997. It is a show with five MCs including He Jiong, the most popular MC in China, as well as Xie Na, LiWeiJia, Wooshin, and Tu Haitao, in which they engage in a variety of talks and fun games.

The show is aired on every Saturday and it has as many as 200 million viewers. Last year, total 51 episodes were aired and 48 out of them took No.1 on the number of on-line view ranking. As such, it is the most popular TV show in China, which has long enjoyed big popularity.

WINNER will boast their appeals to Chinese fans by not only performing their hit songs but also taking part in talks and games.

Meanwhile, WINNER will begin their national tour concert “WINNER EXIT TOUR IN SEOUL” on March 12 and 13 at Olympic Gymnastics Arena in Seoul and then continue with the concert on March 26 at 6pm at Kim Daejung Convention Center in Gwangju and on April 2 and 23 at 6pm at EXCO in Daegu, and then at KBS Hall in Busan.

Source: YG-Life

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