[NEWS] 160302 [STARCAST] Surprise visit to rehearsal for WINNER’s first concert!!

WINNER who has recently come back with mini-album “EXIT:E”. They have prepared a big gift for fans who have long waited for their comeback. “WINNER EXIT TOUR IN SEOUL”, WINNER’s first concert since their debut, will be held on the 12 and 13 this month at Olympic Gymnastics Arena in Seoul.

WINNER has been committing themselves to practice day and night for perfect live performances! A rehearsal for the concert was first unveiled on the 28 last month on NAVER’s V-LIVE broadcasting. In the broadcasting, WINNER members were having a heated discussion for a perfect concert and the performance of one of the songs in the concert’s set-list was unveiled, drawing big attention from fans.

To fulfill your big anticipation for WINNER’s concert, NAVER STARCAST gave a surprise visit to WINNER’s rehearsal for their concert once again! The rehearsal was held from the 27 to 29 last month at KBS Sports World located in Gangseo-gu, Seoul. The atmosphere there was heated as if it were a real concert. WINNER members cheered for each other while practicing for a perfect performance and soon burst into a big laughter when one of them made jokes. As such, the rehearsal for WINNER’s concert was serious for some times and fun for some moments. Now, let us go and see what the rehearsal was like!

160302 STARCAST 1

Half nervous and half excited! The rehearsal for WINNER’s first concert began!

WINNER members standing under fancy stage lighting! There is a secret behind the lighting. It is a very special lighting system which you can see only at WINNER concert. Come and check it out at the concert!

The members practiced every small part of the concert including every remark, as if fans were watching them in a real concert. As they were so serious about the practice, they wore grave expressions on their faces when one of them made a mistake.

160302 STARCAST 2

MINHO concentrating on practice!

MINHO did not put the cue sheet down for the rehearsal even during break time. He gave his full concentration to perfectly remember his movement on the stage and sequence of performance. That is maybe why he made nearly no mistake in the rehearsal. MINHO’s perfectionism inclination was demonstrated once again in the rehearsal.

160302 STARCAST 3

So serious when asking for staff’ advice!

Plus, MINHO actively communicated with staff of the concert, asking for their advice and advancing his own opinions. Notably, he asked about how he looked over and over again to the other members, drawing a big attention. Of course MINHO was professional when it came to his performances, but he also contributed to creating a fun atmosphere at the rehearsal, making staff smile with his humor.

160302 STARCAST 4

MINHO and SEUNGYOON thoroughly checking their movements on the stage!

Here came another perfectionist SEUNGYOON. Leader KANG (on the right-hand side) famous to be meticulous in his work is listening to a staff member, checking his flow on the stage in the concert!

160302 STARCAST 5

SEUNGYOON discussing flow on the stage with staff!

As the stage production was the top priority for the concert and as special stage props will be used for it, there are many special flows and movements on the stage, which the members should remember. SEUNGYOON well appreciated such fact and checked every little part of it including the flow of the other members, their entrance and exit, as well as the sequence of lift.

160302 STARCAST 6

Leader KANG singing with his eye closed!

SEUNGYOON did his best in the rehearsal as if it were a real concert! Even though he was not wearing fancy costumes, KANG who is immersed in singing with his eyes closed is eye-catching. Notably, SEUNGYOON boasted his explosive singing that resonated in the entire hall, exciting staff who were there at the rehearsal.

160302 STARCAST 7

TAEHYUN doing his best at the rehearsal!

The youngest member also did his best just as the other members! TAEHYUN checked the position of each member at the end of every song and he gave his opinions and ideas, to be recognized as the “ace” of the rehearsal. He also cared for the staff, cheering them up, demonstrating his matured personality.

160302 STARCAST 8

SEUNGHOON monitoring the other members with full concentration!

SEUNGHOON was not seen on the stage of the rehearsal and he was monitoring the other members under the console! He recorded the position and flow of each member on the stage with his smart phone, greatly contributing to the perfect preparation for the concert. During break time, the members gathered around SEUNGHOON to see the photos SEUNGHOON took, to exchange their ideas about the stage production.

160302 STARCAST 9

Always showing full confidence on the stage!

SEUNGHOON got so much to show on the stage, so he repeated practice again and again. He was so fun during meal time or break, but he turned himself into a serious rapper during the practice. You can look forward to his flagship dance, as he practiced a lot for it!

160302 STARCAST 10

JINWOO’s eye-catching visual that cannot be hidden by a cap!

JINWOO concentrating on the rehearsal in a cap! But the cap cannot hide his outstanding looks! JINWOO played the role as the eldest brother in the rehearsal. He supported and cared for each member, to create a more positive atmosphere for it.

160302 STARCAST 11

JINWOO’s special action specially unveiled only for you!

JINWOO was so serious until the end of the rehearsal as if it were a real concert! Do you remember? JINWOO boasted his drumming skills in the music video of “SENTIMENTAL”. He will display another talent to surprise the audience of the concert. What will his special talent be like?

You can find it out at the concert!

160302 STARCAST 12

160302 STARCAST 13

The five members concentrating on practice!!

As it is the first concert of WINNER, they are working very hard to create fancy and rich spectacles. You can look forward to the performances of WINNER’s new songs and special performances that will definitely surprise you. WINNER said in NAVER V-LIVE broadcasting that what you saw in the rehearsal video was just a tip of the iceberg, do you remember? Much more than that is waiting for you.

160302 STARCAST 14

A small part of cue sheet! If you are curious about the rest of it, come to Olympic Gymnastics Arena!

WINNER members are doing their very best for the concert, arranging the songs they will perform at the concert by themselves and suggesting ideas for production and flow on the stage. It is hard to wait to see what kind of new color WINNER will present in the concert.

If you want to see the new appeals and performances of WINNER, come and check it out on March 12 and 13 at Olympic Gymnastics Arena in Seoul!!

Source: YG-Life || Naver Starcast


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