[NEWS] 160204 WINNER sings three songs on their comeback stage in “M-Countdown” today

160204 YGLIFE 1

[동아닷컴=홍세영 기자] WINNER will unveil their comeback performance for the first time in Mnet’s “M-Countdown” to be live-broadcasted on February 4.

WINNER is sweeping music charts upon their comeback. On February 4, WINNER is unveiling their first performance after comeback after one year and five months of absence, in “M-Countdown” show. WINNER prepared three performances, to live up to the great expectations of fans who waited for WINNER’s comeback for a long time. WINNER will perform “BABY BABY” and “SENTIMENTAL”, the double title tracks of their new album, as well as “IMMATURE”. “BABY BABY” is a pop song with an outstanding bluesy mood, and “SENTIMENTAL” is a lyrical song that highlights WINNER’s tender vocal. “IMMATURE” is a song with a cheerful mood and dynamic rap. In the “M-Countdown” show, WINNER will show off their artistic growth to fans. Insiders say that WINNER worked really hard on the performances, as they are WINNER’s first TV performance for their new album.

The day’s “M-Countdown” will also present the comeback performance of popular girl group 4minute, as well as Yoo Seung-Woo who is famous for his tender and sophisticated vocal. 4minute will perform “Hate” and “No Love”. The easy and exciting performances will catch the eyes of viewers. Yoo Seung-Woo will stand on the stage with rapper Crucial Star, the featuring artist for his new song. Yoo Seung-woo will sing “Whatever”, expressing emotions after breakup in his unique artistic style.

In the day’s “M-Countdown”, RYEOWOOK, GFRIEND, Dal★shabet, Cross Gene, LABOUM, Mose&ladyJane, Stellar, Yezi, IMFACT, Bromance, ANDA, and THE LEGEND will appear to present fancy performances. The show will be live-broadcasted on February 4 (Thu.) at 6pm.   

Source: YG-Life

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