[NEWS] 160203 WINNER holds concert in March… Kicking off the yearly project in earnest

160203 YGLIFE 1

[마이데일리=전원 기자] Boy group WINNER will hold their first concert since their debut on March 12 and 13 at the Gymnastics Arena in Olympic Park, Seoul, to meet fans.

YG Entertainment released concert poster with images of WINNER members on the 3 at 10am, on YG’s official blog, to make the announcement.

WINNER’s concert “WINNER EXIT TOUR IN SEOUL” will give fans a good opportunity to directly see WINNER’s fancy performances.

WINNER has come back after one year and five months of absence, with yearly project “EXIT MOVEMENT”, to consistently meet fans during the entire year 2016. The project is raising fans anticipation, as it is known that WINNER will meet fans in it during the entire year. Concert “WINNER EXIT TOUR IN SEOUL” is part of the project, which will present WINNER’s hit songs released so far and WINNER’s artistic growth.

Upon the release of mini-album “EXIT:E” on the 1 this month, WINNER swept top ranks of not only domestic charts but also iTunes chart of 11 countries. They also took the 17th place on the iTunes chart of the United States. Plus, “SENTIMENTAL”, “I’M YOUNG”, and “BABY BABY” are in the first, second, and third place on the music video chart and music video K-Pop chart of QQ Music, China’s biggest music-steaming website, to prove WINNER’s big popularity in the country.

As such, WINNER is standing  under a big spotlight both in and out of the country. Their mini-album “EXIT:E” will be released in Japan on the 14. That will be the second album WINNER releases in Japan, after the digital release of “S/S -Japan Collection-” in September last year. WINNER met Japanese fans for the first time in “WWIC 2015″, a fan meeting held in the format of conference in Korea, China, and Japan after the release of their debut album in Japan. Plus, the success of “WINNER JAPAN TOUR 2015″, WINNER’s first hall tour concert in Japan, also proved the big popularity WINNER is enjoying in Japan.

Source: YG-Life

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