[NEWS] 160201 WINNER Says, “We have gained confidence after our Japan tour. We’ll own the stage in our solo concert in Korea.”

[뉴스1스타=이경남 기자] WINNER announced that they are planning to hold a solo concert.

KANG SEUNGYOON of WINNER said during an interview that took place at a café in Seokyo-dong, Seoul on February 1, “We met a lot of people during our tour in Japan last year. We received good reviews that our concerts were something that can be enjoyed by different generations.”

160201 YGLIFE 5

He went on to say, “It was a good chance to try various things. I’ve learned a lot. We’ll be having our solo concert in Korea soon, and this time I really do think we could own the stage. I’ve become that much confident” and raised expectations for the concert.

Last September, WINNER successfully held their first Japan tour titled “WINNER JAPAN TOUR 2015”, proving their popularity in Japan.

Meanwhile, the title tracks of WINNER’s new album – “BABY BABY” and “SENTIMENTAL” – swept the charts with “BABY BABY” topping six charts (Melon, Naver, Genie, Olleh, Bugs, and Soribada and “SENTIMENTAL”, two charts (Mnet and Monkey3).

17 months have passed since WINNER released their debut album “2014 S/S”. They’ve grown as artists and kicked off their “EXIT MOVEMENT” project with the release of their mini-album “EXIT:E”. In 2016, they will be actively carrying out promotional activities including holding concerts and making appearances in variety shows.

Source: YG-Life

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