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[NEWS] 160201 WINNER said, “Couldn’t attend last year’s music awards… Watched them on TV”

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[OSEN=정준화 기자] Group WINNER said, “We couldn’t attend last year’s music awards, so we watched them on TV”.

WINNER’s member NAM TAEHYUN said so, in “WINNER COMEBACK-EXIT AWARDS” aired on NAVER V-APP on the 31 in the night.

The studio for “WINNER COMEBACK-EXIT AWARDS” was decorated with red carpet, with a concept of music awards. NAM TAEHYUN first said, “We couldn’t attend music awards last year, so we watched them on TV. Now we’re walking on the red carpet and I feel like I’m a real celebrity”.

WINNER released mini-album “EXIT:E” including “BABY BABY” and “SENTIMENTAL”, double title tracks, as well as NAM TAEHYUN’s solo track “I’M YOUNG”, on February 1 at 0 o’clock.

For “BABY BABY”, one of the double title tracks of the album, NAM TAEHYUN, SONG MINHO, and LEE SEUNGHOON wrote the lyrics and NAM TAEHYUN took part in composing the melody. For “SENTIMENTAL”, the other title track, NAM TAEHYUN, SONG MINHO, and LEE SEUNGHOON wrote the lyrics and NAM TAEHYUN and Kang Wook-jin wrote the melody. WINNER’s members took part in writing the lyrics and melody for those three songs. Notably, NAM TAEHYUN is proving his musical talent by taking part in writing all the three songs, raising fans’ anticipation for the album even higher.

WINNER carried out an unprecedentedly large-scale promotion for their comeback. Relay WINNER cover project directly planned and led by YG’s head producer YANG HYUN SUK drew a big attention as an unprecedented type of promotion in Korea’s music scene. Not only YG artists including LEE HI and TAEYANG but also other labels’ artists such as Zion.T and DEAN covered “BABY BABY”, and then AKMU, Katie Kim, G-DRAGON, and EPIK HIGH covered “SENTIMENTAL”. The unpredicted lineup of singers created sensation.

Teaser films that showed off individual members’ unique appeals also drew big attention before the release of the album. As the making films of three music videos of “BABY BABY”, “SENTIMENTAL”, and “I’M YOUNG” were released in advance, WINNER’s fans who have long waited for their comeback received a good present.

Source: YG-Life

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