“Baby Baby,” “Sentimental” and “I’m Young,” from the boy band’s ‘Exit : E’ EP, all spotlight different sides of the act, which returns after a year-and-a-half away from the scene

In 2014, Winner was K-pop’s undeniable standout rookie act, making Fuse’s lists of the top breakout artists of the year. After a year-and-a-half away from the scene, the group is making up for lost time with three music videos and a new EP to kick off a year of staggered releases. The first release is called Exit : E and comes with music videos for the songs “Baby Baby,” “Sentimental” and “I’m Young.”

First up, we have “Baby Baby,” that is essentially the closest K-pop will likely ever get to going country with the guys’ boy-band harmonies and raps scattered over a gospel piano and guitar twangs. The gorgeous, accompanying video sees the guys living a glamorous world of partying and drinking (rather risqué for the K-pop world), but they don’t appear totally satisfied with an undeniable melancholy drenching the each scene. In fact, member Taehyun is seen with a rolling bag and getting to an airport in the last scene.

The second, “Sentimental” (below), keeps the guitar-heavy sound from “Baby Baby” but brings out an upbeat and peppy feelings with the pop-rock sound. There’s a much lighter theme here as the guys play instruments and perform silly choreography together that seems to indicate the band’s gotten closer (or at least loosened up a bit) since we last saw them:

Last but certainly not least is “I’m Young,” a solo track by member Taehyun, who stars in the video alone. The video for the dreamy synth ballad picks up where “Baby Baby” left off for the star, seeing him in Montreal trying to win back his French-speaking girlfriend. The intense clip includes a lot of yelling, a lot of tears, and a lot of making out, ultimately ending on a cliffhanger. Maybe we’ll find out the ending with the next set of music videos?

Winner’s Exit : E EP is available now and has been hovering in the Top 20 of the U.S. iTunes Albums chart since its release, indicating a lot of love for the boy band upon their return. Stream the record via Spotify below:

Source: FUSE

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