[NEWS] 160131 From GD to ZION.T, WINNER’s featuring artists are amazing

160131 YGLIFE 1

You must use word ‘Legend’ at such situations like this. One year and 5 months of gap was very difficult for their fans to wait. Therefore YG Entertainment is trying their best to support everything they can. Producer Yang Hyun-suk directed relay cover song of WINNER and lots of famous and hot artists are participating.

On January 20, YG Entertainment released teaser with title ‘Free Release Cover’. The details were not released but fans could remember Taeyang’s previous promotion of song ‘Eyes Nose Lips’ from the word ‘Cover’. However, it raised people’s attention since famous YG artists such as Tablo, AKMU and etc.

And as expected, WINNER’s legendary comeback project was cover-song promotion. But the scale of it was way different from Taeyang’s ‘Eyes Nose Lips’. From January 21, various artists revealed themselves with cover song.

The very first runner was extraordinary. It was Lee Hi. She was the first voice to cover WINNER’s ‘BABY BABY’ and she met up with fans after 1 year and 2 months of time. Lee Hi’s groovy, soulful and charismatic vocal attracted the listeners.

The second voice was BIGBANG’s member Taeyang. It was his first time to sing a cover song for other junior groups and it proved his endless and special love for WINNER. Taeyang’s cover song was unexpected and special gift for WINNER fans. At the same time, it raised expectation of original song.

Whenever new artists are revealing, fans were highly surprised. Also, third and fourth artist were not belong to YG Entertainment. It was ZION.T and Din. Therefore it became more difficult to predict upcoming artist for cover song.

160128 YGLIFE 1

However, something amazing has happened in January 24. On 24 of January, OSEN exclusively released news about G-Dragon’s involvement in WINNER’s cover song. It is said that G-Dragon has decided to participate in WINNER’s cover project since they are his favored and beloved junior group.

In fact, AKMU performed as a fifth runner and re-explained the song ‘SENTIMENTAL’ in their own style. After that, Katie Kim, the winner of SBS ‘Survival Audition K-pop Star 4’ participated as a 6th member of this project. AKMU’s lovely version of ‘SENTIMENTAL’ and Katie Kim’s soulful vocal shook the K-pop world.

Finally on January 27, cover song video of G-Dragon was revealed on YG’s official blog. In the video, G-Dragon sang ‘SENTIMENTAL’ in his unique and colorful voice and his rhythmical rap performance added more attractive points to it. G-Dragon’s fashion styling with snapback and cloths with unique painting along with facial expression added another attractive points to it.

On January 28, Epik High’s cover song was released. In the video, Epik High proudly said, “Nobody would expect this version”. And later on, they performed hip hop version of ‘SENTIMENTAL’ with trap beat melody. Also, Epik High performed passionate dance performances to complete cheerful version of ‘SENTIMENTAL’.

Revealing cover versions before its original is being released it WINNER’s first try out and it is also the very first case in the world. With strong supports by producer Yang Hyun-suk, various entertaining things are completed and since those cover versions entertained us, WINNER’s original version of the song is highly being expected.

Source: Naver Starcast

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