[NEWS] 160130 WINNER’s KANG SEUNGYOON Turns into a Dreamy Rebel in his Teaser Video

160130 YGLIFE 2

[OSEN=표재민 기자] WINNER’s KANG SEUNGYOON became a dreamy rebel in his teaser video.

At 8 PM on January 30, YG Entertainment posted KANG SEUNGYOON’s teaser video on its official blog ( KANG SEUNGYOON left a strong impression with this movie-like teaser video.

KANG SEUNGYOON turned into a wandering young guy that does not hesitate to act his anger out. He climbs over car roofs and strikes the table with the guitar. In this fantasy dream-like teaser video, KANG SEUNGYOON wears a leopard print shirt and a black leather jacket, looking all chic and intense.

In the run up to their come back, WINNER has released individual teaser videos that show off the unique charms of each members. Earlier on, SONG MINHO released a teaser video with an impressive kiss scene, and NAM TAEHYUN had a shocking makeover and became a blonde in his. On January 30, the teaser videos of the rest of the WINNER members were released: KIM JINWOO turned into a pretty but lonely looking boy, and LEE SEUNGHOON became a rock star. KANG SEUNGYOON turned into a wild rebel in his teaser video.

For this mini-album, WINNER has carried out a pre-promotional campaign of an unprecedented scale. Before the individual teaser videos, there were the cover relays. LEE HI, TAEYANG, Zion.T, and Dean covered “BABY BABY” and AKMU, Katie Kim, G-DRAGON, and EPIK HIGH covered “SENTIMENTAL”.

Meanwhile, at 12 AM on February 1, WINNER will release a mini-album titled “EXIT:E”, which consists of five tracks including the double title tracks “BABY BABY” and “SENTIMENTAL” and NAM TAEHYUN’s solo track “I’M YOUNG”. Also, from 11 PM of January 31, WINNER will do a live countdown show on Naver V App titled “EXIT AWARDS”.

Source: YG-Life

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