WINNER is finally coming back, after a long absence of one and a half year!

WINNER announced that a relay cover project will be carried out for 10 days from January 21 on the occasion of the release of their mini-album “EXIT:E” on February 1. The poster titled “WINNER ‘EXIT:E’ PRE-RELEASE COVERS” unveiled on the 20 this month is raising fans’ curiosity and anticipation.

160122 YGLIFE 1

The second YG artist to release “WINNER PRE-RELEASE COVER” was TAEYANG!! He covered “BABY BABY”, the title track of WINNER’s “EXIT:E” to be released on February 1.

You can check out “BABY BABY” reinterpreted with TAEYANG’s flagship rhythm and soulful voice color!


You can also check out “BABY BABY” sung by LEEHI, a soul vocalist who left a deep impression by doing the first cover for “BABY BABY”! 


When you see short but catchy videos of TAEYANG and LEE HI’s “WINNER PRE-RELEASE COVERS”, your anticipation for WINNER’s “BABY BABY” will grow even bigger!

Plus, you will very much look forward to who the next artist for WINNER cover will be and how the artist will reinterpret WINNER’s new song with his/her own color.

Please check the next cover video for WINNER’s new song with NAVER STARCAST! Coming Soon~!!

Source: YG-Life

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