[NEWS] 160122 [Music Talk Talk] Second cover song of YG WINNER’s “BABY BABY”… It’s TAEYANG now

160122 YGLIFE 2

[OSEN=라효진 기자] The second YG artist for group WINNER’s pre-release cover was BIGBANG’s TAEYANG. The WINNER cover by TAEYANG, a veteran singer who celebrates the 10 anniversary of this debut this year, is expected to entertain the eyes and ears of music fans.

On the 22 at 10am, YG Entertainment posted a video titled “BABY BABY BY WINNER COVER 02” on the company’s official blog ( The video displays TAEYANG who is expressing “BABY BABY” of WINNER’s mini-album “EXIT:E” to be released on the 1 next month, in his unique color.

Up until yesterday, music fans were curious about who will produce WINNER’s cover video following LEEHI. However, nobody ever expected that would be TAEYANG. TAEYANG was a big hidden card never imagined by anyone. Furthermore, as it is known that YG Entertainment’s head producer YANG HYUN SUK directly led the promotion, people are paying all the more attention to the cover project of WINNER.

The reason why TAEYANG’s participation in the project is all the more meaningful is because it is the first time for TAEYANG since his debut to sing a cover song for another artist. Usually, “cover songs” are sung by a yet-unfamous artist as an homage to a great singer. However, TAEYANG sings a yet-to-be-released song of his junior. That shows how big affection TAEYANG has for WINNER.

“BABY BABY” covered by TAEYANG is one of the double title tracks of WINNER’s new album which will be released on the 1 next month. On the day before, LEEHI unveiled her cover song of “BABY BABY”. Since those two talented artists selected “BABY BABY” as their first cover song, the quality of “BABY BABY” is now proven already.

Fans are now paying keen attention to who the next artist to cover WINNER’s “BABY BABY” will be, following LEEHI and TAEYANG who boasts formidable charisma with their voices only.

Meanwhile, WINNER is coming back with a mini-album on February 1. “WINNER PRE-RELEASE COVERS” promotion will be carried out for 10 days before WINNER’s comeback. Then, three music videos of the album’s double title tracks “BABY BABY” and “SENTIMENTAL”, as well as NAM TAEHYUN’s solo track “I’M YOUNG” will be released. As WINNER is coming back after a long absence of one and a half year, fans’ anticipation for their comeback is growing bigger and bigger.

Source: YG-Life

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