[NEWS] 160121 LEEHI, to come back after a year-long break as the first artist to cover WINNER PRE-RELEASE COVERS

160121 YGLIFE 1

[일간스포츠=김인영 기자] YG Entertainment announced that LEEHI is the first to cover WINNER’s PRE-RELEASE COVERS.

YG Entertainment announced the news, posting a video clip titled ‘BABY BABY’ BY WINNER COVER 01’ on its official blog on January 21. The clip features LEE HI covering ‘BABY BABY’, a track in WINNER’s mini-album ‘EXIT:E’ (to be released on February 1).

LEEHI is coming back to the K-pop scene after a 14 month break since LEEHI participated in a single album ‘I’M DIFFERENT’ with AKMU’s LEE SOOHYUN in November 2014.

‘BABY BABY’ is an acoustic, blues-like pop song with impressive lyrics about ‘loneliness’. WINNER’s NAM TAEHYUN participated in the song’s producing and arrangement. ‘BABY BABY’ is one of the double title tracks of soon-to-be-released mini-album EXIT:E, along with ‘SENTIMENTAL’.

As the original ‘BABY BABY’ by WINNER has not been unveiled yet, LEE HI’s ‘BABY BABY’, which she re-interpretated with her soulful voice, is attracting more attention.

In the video, LEEHI sings some part of ‘BABY BABY’, presenting her unique groovy, soulful, charismatic vocal, amazing her fans once again.

On January 20, WINNER announced that they would be launching a relayed cover project, for ten days from January 21, posting a teaser poster titled ‘WINNER – ‘EXIT: E’ PRE-RELEASE COVERS’. It was reported that this special project was YANG HYUN SUK’s idea.

As LEEHI was announced as the first artist to cover PRE-RELEASE COVERS, fans are now more curious about who will be the next to participate in the relayed cover.

Meanwhile, WINNER will start the promotion for ‘WINNER PRE-RELEASE COVERS’ for ten days from today, and will present a total of three music videos on February 1, including the double title tracks ‘BABY BABY’ and ‘SENTIMENTAL’, and NAM TAEHYUN’s solo track ‘I’M YOUNG’ in the mini-album.

Source: YG-Life


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