[NEWS] 160116 WINNER, coming back on February 1 with three MVs…‘Trying Best’

160105 YGLIFE 3

Boy group WINNER is coming back with mini album on February 1 and ahead of their official comeback day, they will release three MVs at the same time.

On January 16, YG Entertainment official said the group is shooting three MVs ahead of official comeback day. 4~5 songs are contained in this mini album and half of contained songs are made in MV. This means that the group is trying their best for come back

Production cost of MV takes biggest place in total production cost of album. Therefore most of entertainments produce one MV for title song only but in case of YG Entertainment, Producer Yang’s passion and will for MV is very high. Last year BIGBANG released two songs with MVs in every month from May to August and group iKON also revealed number of new songs and MVs.

Like their promotion, the group will released three MVs at the same time and this is happening for the first time in YG Entertainment. This is kind of legendary comeback to fulfill their long holidays.

160107 YGLIFE 1

YG Entertainment’s official told OSEN that the group received Rookie of the Year award and since they had a year of holiday, YG is preparing so much for WINNER’s promotion and comeback album. The group will be coming back on February 1 and ahead of their official comeback day, an unique type of promotion will be started for two weeks from next week. Producer Yang made the idea of it and therefore expectation about their new album and promotion is very high.

On January 11, WINNER’s member Song Min Ho’s self-written song ‘PRICKED’ was released. The song had no MV or plan for activity but it will be contained in the last track of upcoming mini album.

Source: Naver Starcast

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