[NEWS] 160111 [Midnight New Song] Perfect duo from WINNER after one year and five months of absence… MINHO & TAEHYUN’s “PRICKED”

160110 YGLIFE 2

[OSEN=선미경 기자] SONG MINHO’s heavy rap and NAM TAEHYUN’s tender vocal were an unexpected combination, but the two created a perfect harmony. The song expresses the pain of breakup, just as the title of the song suggests.

WINNER hosted “ENTRY NIGHT / WINNER COUNTDOWN LIVE” on the 10 at 11pm on search engine NAVER’s V-APP.

In the broadcasting, WINNER unveiled “PRICKED” for the first time, before midnight. The combination of SONG MINHO’s heavy rap and NAM TAEHYUN’s vocal felt so fresh. The encounter between the two musicians with completely different colors created the maximum synergy. The pain of breakup is expressed poetically and sophisticatedly in the song.

WINNER is demonstrating much more matured artistic color, with a heavier and deeper voice than that of their debut song “Empty”. The unique and sophisticated melody and restricted but sorrowful vocal create a charming harmony. The unique sentiment that goes well with the chilly atmosphere of this season demonstrates how much WINNER has grown artistically.

SONG MINHO who wrote the song explained, “I wanted to poetically express the pain after breakup in ‘PRICKED’. A minor tune, tender melody, and TAEHYUN’s sweet voice create a perfect harmony in the song.”

160110 YGLIFE 3

“PRICKED”, a pre-release for WINNER’s debut project, is released on the 11 at 0 o’clock. The melody of the song was written by SONG MINHO and Kang Wook-jin, and the lyrics were written by SONG MINHO. Kang Wook-jin arranged it. As SONG MINHO is known to have involved in overall producing of the song including his work on the melody and lyrics, fans’ anticipation is rising high. 

Beginning from “PRICKED”, WINNER will release mini-album “EXIT:E” on the 1 next month.

Source: YG-Life

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