[NEWS] 160107 The Real “monster” WINNER is Set to Make a Comeback [Welcome back WINNER③]

160105 YGLIFE 3

[OSEN=정준화 기자] Another “monster” WINNER will be making a comeback. They have been preparing for this for 17 months and are ready to take the music scene by storm. Their plan is to pre-release a single on January 11 and release a mini-album titled “EXIT” on February 1. They will also carry out promotional activities in between. Nothing can go wrong with such a well prepared plan.

Upon debut, WINNER has swept the charts and got the nickname “monster rookie”. In just five days, they became No.1 on Mnet’s M Countdown charts, the shortest period of time for a singer to take the No.1 spot on a music show chart. In addition, they have topped all the charts and had all their released singles on the charts at the same time, which is rare for a rookie. This is why the fans and the whole of the music industry are taking great interest in WINNER’s comeback.

WINNER’s official comeback is scheduled to take place on February 1. On December 14 last year, YG Entertainment uploaded a poster on its official blog announcing their comeback. Their plan to pre-release a single on January 11 was also written on the poster.

At 11 AM on January 11, YG Entertainment uploaded a poster to announce the plans for the “WINNER 2016 PROJECT EXIT MOVEMENT” on its official blog ( According to the poster, WINNER will pre-release a single on January 11 and release a mini-album titled “EXIT” on February 1. The poster also had the phrase “2016. XX.XX” and made the fans curious about what it means.

The phrase implies that their comeback is not just a one-time event but rather a long-term project. WINNER has already announced that their comeback will be an annual project by using the phrase “WINNER 2016 PROJECT ‘EXIT MOVEMENT” in their recently-released teaser video.

Since the fans have been waiting for their comeback for such a long time, WINNER has put extra effort in raising the quality of their new album. The fact that all the tracks of their new album is written by members is surely encouraging. Since WINNER members demonstrated their ability by participating in making the songs of their debut album, their new album is worth waiting for.

When WINNER released their first album “2014 S/S”, the title track “EMPTY” swept the online charts. Not only did they have all the tracks of their album ranking high on the charts but they also dominated daily, weekly, and the Gaon charts. They were indeed the hottest rookie of the year. Moreover, WINNER has won the No.1 trophy in the shortest period ever on the charts of all the three major broadcasting companies. They have gained unprecedented popularity as a rookie and swept all the rookie of the year awards at the end of the year.

It took 17 months for WINNER to prepare for this comeback. Because it took such a long time, the album will certainly be great. When their debut album was released, WINNER carried out various promotional activities for “EMPTY”, and expectations are running high for the promotional activities of their next album. Fans are especially curious about what WINNER has in store for them on the mysterious date.

Source: YG-Life

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