[NEWS] 160107 WINNER unveils pre-release song on the 11 this month and a mini-album on February 1… Yearly plan

160107 YGLIFE 1

“Eye-catching” poster about WINNER’s yearly plan for the year 2016, Yet-undisclosed dates on the poster… Rising curiosity

[OSEN=선미경 기자] Boy group WINNER is unveiling a pre-release song on the 11 this month and will release a mini-album on February 1.

YG Entertainment made such announcement on January 7 at 11am by unveiling poster titled “WINNER 2016 PROJECT EXIT MOVEMENT” on the company’s official blog ( According to the poster, WINNER will unveil the pre-release song on the 11 this month, and will release a mini-album titled “EXIT” on the 1 next month. Plus, the poster also shows some yet-undisclosed dates that go “2016. XX.XX” along with the release dates for the pre-release and mini-album, further raising fans’ curiosity.

As WINNER is coming back one year and five months after their debut album “2014 S/S” released in August 2014, fans are paying keen attention to how WINNER’s debut project will be implemented.

WINNER drew a keen interest when they unveiled a sensual teaser film filled with scene and images like those of a blockbuster movie on the 5 this month. Plus, as WINNER’s comeback will be carried out in the form of a “yearly project”, fans expectations are growing even bigger and bigger.

WINNER not only swept No.1 on Korea’s major music charts with “Empty”, the title track of their first album “2014 S/S”, but also dominated top places of all major charts with all the songs in the album and swept the top ranks on the daily, weekly Gaon chart, to stand under a big spotlight. They also took No.1 trophy in TV music shows of three major public TV networks within the shortest-ever period of time from debut. After enjoying such unprecedentedly large popularity upon their debut, WINNER also swept the rookie of the year awards at end-of-year music awards in 2014.

As the schedule for the release of WINNER’s pre-release song and mini-album has been confirmed now, other schedules for WINNER’s yearly comeback project will be unveiled soon.

Source: YG-Life

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