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[NEWS] 160107 [Issue is] “Superb” comeback project that satisfies WINNER’s fans

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[일간스포츠=엄동진 기자] It seems to be a plan good enough for WINNER’s comeback, which can well-satisfy the team’s fans.

WINNER’s label YG Entertainment unveiled WINNER’s comeback plan on the 7 this month. It is a superb plan that would take the breath of anyone who hears about it away.

In the year 2016, the “superb comeback operation” for total five times will be carried out. First, on January 11, an “entry singe” will be unveiled. Then, on February 1, mini-album “EXIT:E” will be released. Other than that, three more projects will be implemented for WINNER’s comeback. It is YG Entertainment’s all-out plan to make the year 2016 the year of WINNER.

An YG insider said. “For this year alone, total five plans and strategies will be implemented for WINNER. It will make WINNER record superb achievements for all year round. It is also a new kind of promotion first tired by YG Entertainment”.

The scale of WINNER’s comeback is unprecedentedly large. It will be a very good gift for fans who have been longing for WINNER’s comeback. WINNER has released no new song for the past one year; that was largely because there was no satisfying artistic outcome that could suit the style of YG which always pursues “perfection”.

Plus, it was hard to find out the right timing for WINNER’s comeback during last year, as there were series of other YG projects including iKON’s debut and PSY’s comeback. However, YG has consistently promised WINNER’s comeback and the promise is finally being kept.

It is known that the outcome of WINNER’s preparation for their comeback is satisfying, well enough to live up to the scale of their comeback plan. WINNER shot photography for the jacket for their new album in the United Kingdom, and then shot music video for their new song in Sweden. There was a reason to shoot the music video in such a far-away country. The director of WINNER’s new music video was Sebastian Ringler. Ringler is famous as the director of the music video of DJ Avicii, who is a world-famous DJ. Avicii is one of the world’s top DJs, who received the MTV Europe Music Awards’ best electronic prize in 2013.

The artist selected by such famous music video director Sebastian Ringler is WINNER. YG also has high expectations for the harmony to be created by the combination of WINNER and Ringler. Sebastian Ringler who is famous for his beautiful music videos is expected to well-display unique artistic color of WINNER who captivated the music scene in 2014.

WINNER dominated Korea’s music scene with their debut album “2014 S/S” in 2014. By doing so, WINNER consolidated their status as the next-generation top idol group to follow the footsteps of BIGBANG. With enormous popularity of “empty”, the title track of WINNER’s debut album, WINNER also wrote an unprecedented record of receiving the rookie award and grand prize at Golden Disc Awards at the same time.

Source: YG-Life

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