[NEWS] 160105 WINNER comes back with an unprecedentedly large-scale comeback project… The first YG artist to come back in 2016

[OSEN=선미경 기자] Boy group WINNER is drawing a big attention by hinting on their unprecedentedly large-scale comeback project. From a teaser film like a blockbuster movie to a plan for all-year-long project, WINNER’s comeback plan seems to be all the richer and fancier enough to satisfy fans’ big anticipation for WINNER’s long-awaited comeback.

On January 5 at 10am, YG Entertainment unveiled WINNER’s comeback film under the title of “WINNER – 2016 PROJECT “EXIT MOVEMENT” TEASER FILM” on the company’s official blog. The sensual imagery of the film that depicts the dark and dangerous stories of the youth catches the eyes of viewers. Notably, WINNER members’ bold new images also catch the eyes.

The film looks like a full blockbuster movie, with the image of WINNER members running on the street filled with graffiti, SONG MINHO’s bold kiss scene, and scenes in which members play a drum and guitar. WINNER’s debut album presented mostly tender and sentimental songs, but the music for the team’s comeback seems to be different, which is further raising fans’ expectations.

Notably, WINNER hinted at the fact that their comeback is not just an one-off event but a year-long project in the teaser film, by inserting phrase “WINNER 2016 PROJECT ‘EXIT MOVEMENT’” in it. The new album is released one year and five months after WINNER’s debut album that was released in August, 2014, so it seems that WINNER has put more efforts in the new album to make it fancier and richer. 

For the last year, YG Entertainment wrote an unprecedented record by hitting a jackpot for every team including BIGBANG, JINUSEAN, and iKON. Music fans are paying keen attention to what kind of unprecedented record will be written by WINNER, the first YG artist to come back in the year 2016.

WINNER not only dominated top places on music charts and in TV music shows with their debut album, but also swept the rookie of the year awards of music awards for the year 2014, earning a nickname of “monstrous rookie”. Now, fans are showing keen interest in how WINNER will carry out their year-long comeback project, to live up to their reputation as the original “monstrous rookie”.

Source: YG-Life

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