[INSTAGRAM] 151128 Seungyoon Opens Instagram Account, Uploads A Selca

Earlier today Seungyoon created an individual Instagram account along with the rest of Winner members! Hope he updates it often! Looking forward for all the photos especially selcas~ ^^

See below for the links of all Winner members’ IG profile links:
Seungyoon → w_n_r00
Jinwoo → xxjjjwww
Seunghoon → maetamong
Mino → realllllmino
Taehyun → souththth

w_n_r00_2015-11-28_18-07-25 151128 w_n_r00 1w_n_r00_2015-11-28_18-24-46

151128 w_n_r00 2

He also changed his profile pic once! 🙂

IMG_20151128_140701 IMG_20151128_140705

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