[NEWS] 151030 Exclusive: WINNER’s Mysterious Visit to Sweden was to “work with Sebastian Ringler”

151030 winner comeback mv yglife1

WINNER is going to make a comeback, and with force at that.

WINNER did a photo shoot for the jacket of their new album earlier this month. And last week, they went to Sweden to shoot the MV for their new single. There was a reason why WINNER went as far as Sweden to shoot their MV; the director was none other than Sebastian Ringler. Sebastian Ringler produced MVs for the Swedish DJ superstar Avicii, who was awarded Best Electronic Act at the MTV Europe Music Awards.

Avicii’s MVs produced by Sebastian Ringler became great hits. “Addicted To You” posted more than 10.5 billion views and “’Waiting For You” surpassed 10 billion views on Youtube. Sebastian Ringler mainly works in Sweden but is expanding his field to Europe and America. His MVs are very movie-like, and he also makes commercial ads, documentaries, and movies.

Sebastian Ringler chose to work with WINNER after Avicii. YG Entertainment has high hopes for this collaboration between Sebastian Ringler and WINNER. Since Sebastian Ringler took the world by storm with his MVs for Avicii, he is expected to take the best out of WINNER too.

WINNER will be shooting two more MVs. They will be releasing a total of four MVs, and they are ready to sweep the charts. Last year, WINNER’s debut album “2014 S/S” dominated the charts making them the next BIG BANG. The title track “EMPTY” became a mega hit and, as a result, WINNER was awarded both the New Artist Award as well as the Golden Disc Award at the 2014 Golden Disk Awards.

Source: Ilgan Sports via YG-Life

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